Freedom Lost?

The Undermining of British Values

James Dalton, Going Postal
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I left UKIP in spirit over two years ago. Formally I left in January 2018.  I had joined in 2015 specifically to help with the fight to save our democracy and our freedoms and to involve myself in the campaign to leave the EU.

Our democracy, in 2019, is dead. Our values crushed by corrupt politics and corrupted state institutions.

A Tale of Four Events

Sheffield, 2017. Late summer 2017 was a time when the perpetual UKIP navel gazing circus of yet another leadership ‘election’ was going on, with seven runners and riders (eventually won by Henry Bolton OBE). The youth wing of had organised a national event in Sheffield. Speakers were to include Anne Marie Waters as well as other UKIP leadership contenders and one invited speaker was Martin Sellner an outspoken political activist from Austria.

Through a process of intimidation, the event was cancelled. Not by UKIP or their youth wing, but by Labour Councillors and other activist groups threatening the venue owners with direct action. The threats led to the Police Service determining that the event posed a security risk, the venue withdrew and without an alternative venue, the event was, de facto – cancelled. State sponsored censorship of political opponents and infringement on the right to lawful assembly. Cllr Jack Scott along with his Council embedded Momentum buddies laughed and patted themselves on the back at a job well done.

Lewisham, June 2018. Hustings for the by election in Lewisham East at a Salvation Army hall. In England, a mob comprised of Antifa, SWP, Stand up to Racism, Hope not Hate and other associated far left thugs in association with the local Police, shut down this hustings at what would have been the halfway stage. One candidate could not approach the venue due to threat of violence and the attendees who did access the venue ran a gauntlet of frothing at the mouth vindictive abusers spitting their hate. John MacDonnel IRA and Nick Lowles MBE smiled smugly.

London, November 2019. Cambridge University see fit to hire a venue in central London (nice if you can afford such) and play host to murderers and terrorists for a self-help session. No protest groups assemble to intercede. No activist groups research the organisers or who funds them. No journalists question the matter or pay notice. No gauntlet of abusive vitriol spouters to great killers and would be killers on arrival. Cambridge University can freely assemble without interference, unlike UKIP youth or electors wanting to listen to political offerings at an open hustings. No danger of Cambridge University’s booking being interfered with, no no no!

The Labour Party, the Conservative Party and the institutions of our state including those who oversee our Police Service have not only failed to uphold the rights of those who hold alternative viewpoints – they have actively undermined our freedoms. Our freedom to speak out thoughts. Our freedom to assemble with who we wish. Our freedom to defend our families and their homes. Our freedoms to determine that no foreign power shall have any authority in this realm, the United Kingdom. In undermining the freedoms of those who wish to speak openly about issues such as nationalism, immigration, multiculturalism, integration, moral relativism, family values – or for that matter, whatever they wish to discuss, the problem we now see and face with Islam and Islamic extremism has been fuelled. Fuelled by the cowardice of our political leaders in failing to uphold our values and the rule of law. Fuelled by the failure to protect our borders and ensure those who mean us harm are never allowed to step foot on our land.

Democracy is dead. What social cohesion remains is a mirage, sustained by the comfort of running water, constant electricity, ‘free’ healthcare and relative plenty. We live in a lawless land. There are laws that apply to us, the little people. Those laws do not apply to the LibLabCon overlords who do not accept the instruction to leave the EU in 2016.

There is blood on the hands of the Labour and Conservative Parties. They have imported terrorism onto our streets and continue so to do. Two weeks before the 2017 general election an Islamist murderer destroyed the lives of hundreds with his evil act in Manchester as many freely assembled to listen to a manufactured popstar. Two weeks before the 2019 General Election, the Brexit Election, Islam strikes again as the Cambridge University facilitated taxpayer funded self-help session resulted in more jihad on English soil. More families for whom Christmas will bring grief and sorrow. For ever. For what?

“This will not change our way of life.” Perhaps this is the politicians’ biggest lie of all?

© Councillor James Dalton 2019, DVP – The Direct Democracy Party.

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