US Midterm Results

I stayed up until 3am when it was clear the “Blue Wave” (TM) wasn’t happening. Highlight of the night for me was when the live chat on The Young Turks livestream was taken over by Trump supporters – the chat was moving so fast it was impossible to read and it was being carpet bombed with spoons and Pepes…. all the while Cenk was decrying how unimaginably racist America is because his predicted Blue Wave (TM) wasn’t happening.

So it appears things have panned out much as Spoon Clank predicted. Republicans retain control of the Senate and the Democrats narrowly take the House of Representatives. What does it mean?

– It’s expected. It’s exceedingly rare for an incumbent President to retain control of the House during the mid-terms. This is how the American system was designed – checks and balances.
– Trump has done a better job of holding on to House seats in the mid-terms than Obama did.
– Without control of the Senate there is now practically no chance at all of Trump being impeached.
– The Democrats’ victory in the House of Representatives is a Pyrrhic one. Yes they took the house but by nowhere near as many seats as they were touting they would.
– This means the Democrats won’t implode and then be forced to reform and reinvent the party, it means the zombie Democrat establishment will shamble on until 2020. They’ve still got no feasible candidate to run against Trump and they’ve got another two years of the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters being front and centre for the Democrats.
– In terms of 2020 this is actually a win for Trump as it makes him more likely to win re-election. Pretty much all he has to do is keep the economy numbers looking good and get the bulk of the wall built in the run up to the election.

The 2020 Presidential campaign starts today. With the mid terms out of the way we should finally see the Mueller probe finally be ended. If you’re a follower of Q you will also be hoping Declass happens very soon.

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