Admiral Peabody And The Skeleton – Part One

Admiral Peabody with his comfort blanket


At school we had lessons in creative writing, which I’m sure some of you might remember. I was rubbish at it, as I’m about to probably demonstrate.

As most of you know I normally write about physics and mathematics but I thought I’d try my little writing skill at a children’s story.

The inspiration and characters come from my Mum’s Crochet work and as a child watching TV. Any advice or criticism will be welcome. Either way, let’s have a go and, I hope, have some fun.

Part One – Chapter 1

Under a clear sky and calm crystal blue water was sailing the beautiful three masted ship Saint Catherine. She was just off the coast of Spain and heading into port.

In the main cabin Captain Black was sat at his desk with a pen in his hand.

Admiral Peabody, a fine little owl, was just waking up on his perch. He stretched his wings and carefully removed his comforter blanket and put it to one side. Noticing Captain Black he flew over to him and rested on his shoulder.

“Peabody!”, said Captain Black, spilling some ink.

“What you doing?”, asked Peabody.

“Writing a shopping list for when we go ashore.”, replied the Captain.

Admiral Peabody looked at the list. He tapped Captain Black on the cheek and pointed with his wing.

“You’ve spelled bacon wrong.”, he said. “You spell it with a K not a C.”

Captain Black shook his head. “Go down to the kitchen and ask Hives when my breakfast will be ready.”

Admiral Peabody fluttered his wings and headed for the kitchen.

In the kitchen chef Garcon was chopping up some carrots. “These are no good”, said the chef, “I’ll have to go ashore and buy some fresh ones!”

Hives nodded and continued making some coffee. Admiral Peabody flew in and landed on Hives’ shoulder. “Morning Hives”, said Peabody, “The Captain wants to know when his breakfast will be ready.”

“Good morning Sir”, replied Hives, “You can inform the Captain that his buttered toast and marmalade will be with him shortly.”

In another part of the ship sat Edna and Nell. They were drinking their morning tea and eating cake. Their cabin had fine curtains and comfy chairs.

Edna, the ship’s witch, was stirring her cauldron, Frederica. Edna and Nell, a tiny elephant, are best friends.

“Hm!”, squeaked Edna, “Hm! Hm! Hm! These herbs are no good. Frederica does not like them at all. Hm!”

Nell nodded and continued to drink her tea and nibble at her cake.

“I’ll have to go ashore and buy some new ones.”, said Edna.

Meanwhile Hives had taken Captain Black his breakfast and Admiral Peabody had flown up to the wheel house where Peg-Leg was carefully steering Saint Catherine into a port.

“Morning Peggers.”, said Peabody.

“Aye! A fine morning my little friend!”, said Peg-Leg, “There will be a storm later, mark my words! We’ll be in port in about twenty minutes.”

“I’ll go tell the Captain.”, said Admiral Peabody. He fluttered off to the Captain’s cabin and sat on his perch. Hives had brought him his favourite breakfast. Some milk, rum and cake. Peabody drank some milk, ate some cake and sipped a little rum.

“Peggers says there will be a storm later.”,  As Peabody ruffled his feathers and drank some more rum, “Can we go to the Witch Doctor’s toy stall? Please, pretty please. I won’t buy anything silly I promise!!”, groveled Peabody.

“Oh, okay. If it’ll keep you happy.”, groaned Captain Black.

“Oh! Goody! goody, goody!”, squawked Peabody with excitement while flapping his wings.

Chapter 2

“All aboard who’s going ashore!”, called out Peg-Leg, “All aboard who’s going ashore!”

Edna put her shopping bag on her broom stick.

“Come on Nell!”, said Edna as she flew off, “there’s some nasty weather on its way and I want to get these new ingredients for Frederica as soon as possible.”

Nell followed Edna to the main deck where chef Garcon and Captain Black were waiting as Saint Catherine sailed into port. Admiral Peabody was sitting on Captain Black’s shoulder.

“I can’t wait to see what new toys the Witch Doctor has got!”, said Peabody excitingly.

“Hmm.”, replied Captain Black moodily.

Saint Catherine slowly drifted into her port and the assembled crew headed toward the local market place.

Arriving at the market Edna and Nell were looking at the herbs and spices. Nell was sniffing and pointing with her trunk.

You’re right Nell.”, Said Edna, “We’ll take some of those and those and those. Nell likes them in her evening tea.”

The stall keeper carefully packed the herbs into little paper bags and gave them to Edna.

“Come along Nell, we better get back to the ship. The storm clouds are gathering and I want to try these new herbs in Frederica.”

Meanwhile Chef Garcon was looking at some vegetables.

“Are these fresh in today?”, asked the chef.

“Oui! Monsieur. All fresh.”, replied the stall keeper.

“Then I’ll have some carrots, potatoes and onions. I’ll make a stew for the evening meal.”, said the chef.

Over at the toy stall Captain Black was talking with the Witch Doctor while Admiral Peabody was hopping around looking at all the toys.

“Oh! I like that!”, he said pointing at a water pistol, “Oh! I like that even more!”

Suddenly something caught Admiral Peabody’s eye. It was a large box on a shelf behind the Witch Doctor.

“*Ahhhh!*”, squawked Peabody pointing with his wing. Captain Black and the witch Doctor were both startled and looked at him.

“What’s that?”, asked Peabody.

“That’s new in today.”, replied the Witch Doctor. “It’s a dancing and singing skeleton. Look, you put batteries in here and press the go button.”

“I want! I want! I want!”, said Peabody while stamping his feet and pointing with both his wings at the box.

Captain Black slowly shook his head as he gave some money to the Witch Doctor.

“Come on.”, said Captain Black, “We better get back to the ship before the storm breaks.”

Admiral Peabody fluttered his wings and landed on Captain Black’s shoulder. He Waved a good by to the Witch Doctor just as the first light droplets of rain began to fall.

End Of Part One


© text & images Doc Mike Finnley 2023