The price of energy

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

The rise in energy prices has been confusing me. With standing charges being increased three or more fold and the cost per unit heading for the stratosphere, what on earth is going on. There is no notable increase in the supplier’s costs that can justify the standing charge increase. The price per unit was initially attributed to the increase in wholesale gas prices but since these prices have since gone back down, the price per unit hasn’t changed much.

The standing charge was theoretically for maintaining the infrastructure used to deliver the energy to the consumer. I see no reason to believe that it has risen much at all let alone three fold.

Initially I thought it was just our WEF friends trying to freeze us to death and maybe that is one of the side effects when the people cannot afford the energy prices. This is not a strong enough reason for all this chaos in the energy sector.

The blame for the wholesale price increase for gas was dumped on Putin but it was caused by sanctions on Russia. The Russian gas supply now reaches us via India and probably China at inflated prices while those two countries cash in. We probably wouldn’t do the same because we seek no competitive advantage.

I think the real reason behind all this is the damned net zero nonsense. Having convinced most of the population that CO2 is terrible the movers and shakers behind this rubbish now have a gullible people who will accept almost anything if the dreaded CO2 is mentioned.

I think the government approached the energy companies saying they wanted to decrease energy usage but being politicians they are utterly useless at negotiating anything except their own cut. The energy companies agreed provided they could get more money to preserve their profit levels. And this is why I think they were allowed and even encouraged to jack up the standing charges, all at about the same time. No other reason makes sense and I bet they couldn’t believe their luck,

Having preserved and probably increased their profits using the standing charge scam they were then left to whack up the unit cost using the wholesale prices excuse. Now that wholesale prices have gone down, they are still charging way over the odds. Their profits are verging on the obscene.

The only question left to be answered is which politicians have accepted inducements and how much was their price. I have a few ideas and names, I am sure you will have your own. If anyone says all of them, I wouldn’t want to contradict you. Scarcely a voice has been raised.

We are being ripped off big time and the politicians are making money as usual. I wonder who is getting the 10% ? The final analysis. We freeze to death and get covered in mould, the politicians say bugger all and we get shafted with the increased prices. They can witter on about how they are helping people but it is peanuts if you even qualify for their pathetic so-called help.

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