I’ve never had enough outdoor space to keep chickens but I’ve always liked chickens, their lovely colours, different sizes and shapes, the way their heads bob up and down, their noises, the flavour of truly [more…]

Bill Quango MP, Going Postal

Joe Malone, Part Nine

Private Investigator Joe Malone is at the house of Lady Bixby, in North London. He is investigating the disappearance of lead remain campaigner and founder, Lord Marmon-Herrinton Bixby. Lady Bixby has been surprisingly flirtatious as [more…]

Vir Canttium, Going Postal
European Union

A Truce?

That Nigel Farage, eh? Woah, before you write any comments that will lay unread for eternity, let’s take a breath. He is not everyone’s cup of tea, but outside our evil far alt right circle, [more…]