This Septic Eye, Ch 6

viciousbutfair, Going Postal
This Septic Eye
Image by agnesliinnea from Pixabay

With sincere apologies, I don’t feel very flippant this week, the continuation of carnage in our capital city, combined with the narcissism of the spiritless, spineless, succubus that claims to serve us has cast a shadow upon me.
In melancholy mood I can only offer the following;

I loved London as a child, day trips up from the leafy suburbs I grew up in were just 20 minutes away on a train.
I moved there later and worked there for some years. My two girls were both born there. I enjoyed the buzz, the sheer energy of the place. Something was always happening, the people were genuine and funny, the buildings and streets were inspiring and beautiful, London was filled with the heritage and history of centuries.

I went back a few years ago and wondered where the fuck I was, English was not the first language, it wasn’t even the tenth language, I recognised the streets and buildings but everything else had been replaced.
I’ve never returned and have no wish to, not never, not no how.

It now belongs to the Westminster bubble and its leftie media acolytes, the Tosserati with their sycophantic chorus of Z list slebs.
It belongs to the excuse makers and the vapid apologists, the clueless social workers and the rudderless police force.
It belongs to the hipsters with their craft porridge cafes and their fuckwit art installations.
It belongs to the artisans with their pop-up organic fruit tea rooms and their rosemary, sea salt and black olive baguettes.
It belongs to the looters, muggers and acid dispensers with their Korean made sneakers which they prize so highly.
It belongs to the stabbers and shooters who kill each other for the price of a fake Armani tee shirt.
It belongs to people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.
London belongs to you now guys, enjoy.

It will continue to nourish this rabble and its ever growing population of assorted backward civilisations so if any good people are left they should really consider getting the fuck out, it isn’t going to improve anytime soon.
Thank you to the generations of impotent lawmakers, politicians and ineffectual elected mayors of this once fine City, thank you for pissing on the memories of millions of us. I hope, one day we can watch you all in the heart of your very own giant, glowing, burning tower.

Now that I would go back for.

* * *

I think we have all considered a bolt hole, a hiding place, somewhere for World’s End if it happens. I would have considered that a flight of fancy a year or two ago but it now seems that things are moving at a faster pace. It appears to me that there is almost an element of desperation in the establishment’s desire for some end game, dramatic as that may seem.

I feel like Isaac Goldstein might have felt in Berlin in the mid 30s. Some shit is happening, I don’t know what it is but I can tell you it doesn’t feel like it’s for my benefit.
A few of those guys had the prescience to get out early but most stayed and it was to their detriment ultimately.

I’m not sure if I want to be hunkering down in the trenches at this point in my life, I’m not sure that I would survive for that long as a street fighter now, twenty years ago maybe but now I doubt it.
Mixed feelings about this, fight or flight? This isn’t Dunkirk, this isn’t Monte Cassino, this is a different fight. A conflict that feels loaded to me, I don’t even feel the support of the people around me.

The politicians are not with me, the population is asleep mostly, I’m not sure that there would be many of us, present company excepted, that would be there with even a pitchfork. That’s just an educated guess, maybe this island could still surprise me, I just have to go with a gambler’s instinct and that tells me if it comes to it those that stand and fight we will be a small minority.

What this calls for is a pointless sacrifice, that would have been the traditional military response, not any more, not today, no more lost lives to balance the impotence and poor judgment of politicians and generals.
No more soldiers lost on the fields of Europe, Afghanistan, Iraq or coming soon to a theatre near you, Syria. No more soldiers lost on the streets of Britain either, there really must be another way to do this.

Some of you will be reading this and getting angry, good, get fucking angry but then do something, channel the anger into action.
Unless we want to be scrambling about in derelict buildings with crossbows, tins of Spam and Argos walkie-talkies we need to do something now, whatever we can do, do it now.

If it is social media then get on it, if it is letters to local media or politicians then get on it, if it is supporting fringe parties and making them viable for local elections, then get on it, if it is making people woke then get on it. I know some of us do this now but we really all need to do our tiny bit now. As insignificant as it might seem it can and will make a difference.

We have seen the decline of our cities, the assassination of our aspirations, the disparagement of our achievements, the trivialisation of our children’s culture, we have witnessed this first hand, it is not an illusion, it is real and it is happening now.

If we do nothing then we deserve everything that is coming our way.

© Viciousbutfair 2018