The Biden plan is collapsing. It always would!

Fred Brownbill, Going Postal
“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Despite the statements coming out of the most corrupt and embarrassing White House administration, the Biden/ Harris plan is not working.

Today I was asked by an obvious libtard how I could say that neither Biden or any single member of his administration had actually done anything good or worthy. I took the question seriously and gave it some thought but came up with nothing. Zero. All I could think of was the harm that they had done to my beloved country. Not only domestically but internationally. Every disaster was deliberate, patiently thought out and designed to bring America to its knees. The work this administration has performed in my mind is not only evil but treasonous. Satanic.

I listen to his press secretary etc. as they claim tremendous victories for the DemonRats over Covid, the economy, employment, internationally and domestically. They claim the Biden/Harris plan is working!

Let’s look briefly at his non-achievements. ( There are no positive achievements) The economy is in a tail spin. The first quarter sees the GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) shrinking 1.4%. They had been predicting a 1.1% gain. This is the worse performance by our economy since the spring of 2020 at the height of the China Virus fraud.

Next illegal immigration. Our southern border is porous. Open to all. 42 illegals on the terrorist watch list or no flight list were apprehended but the Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has no idea if they have been released or are wondering around our country. When you look at the continuing massive influx of criminal illegals crossing unchecked into America, do not try and think these 42 are the only terrorist elements that have sneaked into our country. There are hundreds if not thousands. It is no wonder Republicans are calling for Alejandro Mayorkas to resign or be impeached. In fact at hearings today he was rightly called a traitor by Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colorado, who compared him to traitor Benedict Arnold.

Inflation. The cruelest tax of all was up 8.5% last month and I expect to see an increase this month. That figure doesn’t include gas or food prices which are removed, I believe, wrongly. I also believe that we are in the early stages of hyper inflation and about to enter a recession due to the Biden/ Harris plan of spend, spend, spend. I do not think the interest rates increased by the Federal Reserve will have the normal result of dropping inflation. We will see probably at least 4 or more half point increases this year and more next year. As families are hard pressed to pay bills, buy gas or food, the use of credit cards becomes more prevalent and the increase in interest rates will hurt them even more.

When things looked like they were going wrong originally Biden blamed President Trump, even going as far as to say they had inherited a broken immigration system and an economy about to collapse. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing.

Then when the idiot Biden worked out that we didn’t believe him, he began to blame Putin for gas increases and inflation as well as for the shortage of goods. This despite the fact that both gas prices and inflation were roaring upwards long before the Russia/Ukraine conflict. In fact practically from day one of the usurpers illegal takeover of our country by fraud and crookery.

I remember how Biden promised he would restore respect for America on the international stage despite the fact that we had never been more respected while President Trump had been in office. Peace prevailed in the Middle East and NATO members were finally paying their share. Sanctions on China, Iran etc. were working and our military was greatly strengthened. Law and Order was strong. Crime in red states down. Biden said finally grown ups were in charge with his party being in charge. But – what do we see? Russia saw our weakness under Biden and struck Ukraine. China wants Taiwan and is on the verge of attacking them. Iran is on the cusp of developing nuclear weapons and North Korea is developing missiles that can reach our country. OPEC is mocking us and we see state leaders refusing to even take Bidens calls. Even that French fool, President Emmanuel Macron, did not take Bidens call after his French election victory. Saudi Arabia even portrays Biden mockingly on a Saturday Night Live show.

Employment. Let’s be honest. It could only ever go upwards from the lows of the China virus scam that destroyed businesses and jobs. The economy had to get better as we went back to work. It was nothing to do with Biden. Nothing.

Our military. An embarrassment to our nation. Led by leftist political whores like General Mark Milley who are more concerned with training a WOKE military rather than an elite fighting force. He truthful is a traitor. A disgrace to our country and our once proud military. I am a firm believer in capital punishment for acts of treason and Milley is at or near the top of my list. Anyone think Afghanistan?

Law and Order. What can I say? Crime is up massively especially in blue states and cities where the Defund the police movement has really bitten them in the rear!! Cops are hated, shot at, assaulted and wrongly held to absolutely insane standards. They risk all every time they go to work.

My libtard who asked me the original question suggested that wages had gone up under Biden. ( Not sure if that was his best example ) Yes they have but like any good socialist government what they give they take away. The increases in wages have long since been fully eroded by inflation. People are worse off. Minorities are worse off. Savings are almost depleted and most families are living paycheck to paycheck. The very social groups that the DemonRats say they best represent are the very groups that are suffering most. Minorities.

So, if anyone out there wants to let me know what good decisions Biden has made that actually benefit America, please let me know.

Fred Brownbill at the Save America Foundation.

Fred Brownbill 2022