I have purchased an email package that is primarily for people working on the site to communicate with each other. However, if you would like a going-postal.com email address you can purchase one by paying £10 £5 below (This will be billable each year). I would suggest you use the following rule when requesting your email address, use your Disqus moniker and underscore ‘_’ for any blanks or spaces.

Enter your preferred email address in the payment instructions box. I will email you to confirm the address, or query it. NB once you have made your payment I will have to create your account and notify you. It is not an automatic process.

There is an email web based client login here, or follow the instructions here to add it to Microsoft Outlook, or any of the other major email clients.

You can set up forwarding on your GP address to your existing address.

Disk space is unlimited.

There are terms & conditions, see below.

I could add your accounts to my ‘workspace’ so I can read your email but I won’t unless there are complaints, or some problem that needs resolving.

Mail hosting details

Terms & Conditions

Configuring your email account

Swiss Bob