• 19th Century

    Crimean War, Part Six

    In 1954, as the centenary of the end of the Crimean War approached, my uncle John Alldridge produced a series of articles for the Manchester Evening News which vividly described that campaign. In this article, [more...]
  • 20th Century

    Book Review: The Ratline

    I don’t read non-fiction books that often, however I’m glad I picked The Ratline up when I was idly browsing suitable reading material for a holiday last year (the holiday got cancelled). For, those (like [more...]
  • Arts

    “Have a lovely evening!”

    “Have a lovely evening” are the words I often heard as children were collected from school at 3.05pm.   Of course, as a member of SLT, I had nothing better to do at the end of [more...]

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