• Business

    Where do our rates go?

    For overseas readers rates are what we Brits call property tax. It goes to local government which dwells in the marble halls of our kingdom. If you find yourself in a north of England depressed [more...]
  • Blown Periphery, Going Postal

    Némésis – Part 7

    Ash Shaddadi, the Syrian Governorate of Al Hasakha, December 2017 When Major Halward woke up the following morning there was frost on his sleeping bag. It was still dark while he pulled on his boots, [more...]
  • 20th Century

    Bax of Delights

    There have been quite a few occasions when one wished one was a fly on the wall to listen in on a conversation. The private discussion between Sir Arnold Bax, Master of the King’s Musick, [more...]
  • Arts

    Postcard from Lille, Part 26

      ‘I hope that you’ve all studied logical positivism?’ Incarcerated in Paranaque Municipal Jail, part of Metro Manila’s southern urban sprawl, it is boily hot and dark. Thousands of pairs of pin prick brown eyes look at [more...]

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