Dreams And Nightmares

I think dreams and nightmares are endlessly fascinating. I have lots of them for some reason, I always have, ranging from the ridiculous to the down right scary. They’re one of sleep’s great mysteries, but what do they mean and do they serve a function in the conscious life?

Why are dreams and nightmares so interesting to us? In their strangeness and emotional intensity, they have the power to capture our imagination and yet, we really don’t know all that much about the purpose of dreaming.

We all dream—whether we remember them the next morning or not and we’ve all had the experience of a nightmare that leaves us rattled and shaken (and relieved to be awake) the next morning. Nightmares are just as much of a mystery as every other type of dream.

Types of dreams and nightmares

The Nightmare: You are being chased by a large animal, monster, generic bad guy, shadowy figure, Rotherham Poofta or some other equally scary attacker.

What It Means: If Freddy Kruger is after you, you’re watching too many horror movies, or you have had to many Hooky’s the night before

The Nightmare: seeing your dead loved ones

What It means: Seeing a dearly departed nearest and dearest can be a truly horrifying experience, even if it only happens in the realm of a dream, the reason that deceased loved ones appear in dreams is simply due to the dreamer being unable to let go of them.

The Dream: Teeth falling out, losing your teeth isn’t the most disturbing dream that your brain – in its infinite ability to create things to delight and terrify you – can conjure up, but it is certainly amongst the most startling, given that most of us have a collection of teeth in our mouths (and want to keep them)

What It means: When you lose your teeth in your dream, it is usually rooted in the fear of being unable to express yourself, or feeling as if you’re losing control or influence in some part of your life…I call bollocks on that, I think its down to anxiety TBH

The Nightmare: Falling, a very common dream, but terrifying none the less, waking up before you hit the Terra Firma in a cold sweat

What It means: The falling nightmare, one where you are plummeting towards the ground or sea, unable to stop yourself. Most experts in the dream-study field suggest that dreams and nightmares about falling are linked to an ongoing situation of anxiety which are causing the dreamer to feel out of control in their day-to-day lives. Without a controlled environment they can manipulate

The Nightmare: Suffocating

What it Means: This Nightmare may indicate that you feel emotionally overwhelmed by a situation that causes you anxiety. You may feel unable to cope.

The Nightmare: Burying a family member who is still alive

I had this nightmare last year, it involved my sister, she had got married in a Church, and part of the Marriage ceremony was that she had to be buried alive after the event, she was put in the coffin with her wedding dress on, she was crying and I was too, and she was lowered into the ground and the earth piled over her, a truly awful nightmare which stayed with me for weeks after.

I have no idea what it means, Nightmares manifest memories and underlying emotions and fears that are buried in subconscious. When you see someone alive getting hurt or dead in a dream the Dreamer is probably worried or concerned about that person.

The ones I have listed are probably the most common one’s experience by us all, but after all they are only figments of our imagination and probably mean absolutely nothing.

© Lord Gammon AKA хотдогlegs 2019

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