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Lugosi, Going Postal

Lugosi, Going Postal
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I have listened to Mark Levin via WMAL radio station, 11pm to 2pm every weekday for maybe ten years. Along with people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and Jeanine Pirro  they form a core of American Conservative commentators broadcasting the Truth about American politics. Note, that they will all say they are “commentators” and not “journalists”. They hold recognised Republican/Conservative opinions and all support President Trump. Interestingly, they will all tell you when he does something that they don’t like. Levin, for example doesn’t like Tariffs although he supports them for Mexico and China.

A year ago, when he announced he was writing a book he wouldn’t reveal the contents. But it was easy to guess based on a major theme he has commented on over the last two years. The Mainstream News Media of the USA was not “News” but filled with Democrat party apparatchiks turning each item of “news” into opinionated propaganda against President Trump. For every item of news about The President there is always an angle to be constructed that is negative.

The book has just been released and in a major chapter he criticises the New York Times for suppressing news of The Holocaust and minimising the killings of Stalin even though they had reporters in Europe and Russia. It must gall them that it just reached #1 in the New York Times Best Seller List.

He details the history of the press in the USA which started with pamphleteers, who would publish as much news as they could gather on double-sided sheets on local presses. They were independent of political parties. When major newspaper publishing came about so there came alignment with political parties as they realised the propaganda value in having their messages distributed to the mass media.

When Trump calls out “Fake News” the press reacts that he is interfering with the Freedom of The Press. Levin points out, that past Presidents have put journalists in jail. Obama had journalists shrivelled, under threat of jail. The James Rosen, Fox News, case, for example where the FBI sought his phone records and emails. I wonder if the media would have rallied around him had he been indicted like they did to support Jim Acosta (or “Accost Ya” as I like to call him)?

And, didn’t Obama call out Fox News and Sean Hannity in particular, several times? Isn’t that the same faux incitement they accuse Trump of?

A similar book, relating to the UK is:- BBC: Brainwashing Britain?: How and why the BBC controls your mind by David Sedgwick featured at Going Postal a few months ago. I have a copy on my Kindle

Lugosi, Going Postal

The common theme is how the news media is dominated by Left-Wing “journalists” who add their agenda spin to the news. They present news items through their own political beliefs and they swing Left. We are a little more fortunate in our print media where there is a close to 50/50 split between Left and Right leaning newspapers.

Another Conservative radio host, Chris Plante, often plays USA media clips on his program and describes “journalists” as someone “who types on behalf of the Democrat Party”.

Listening to mainly TV clips from Democrat news media you are struck by how co-ordinated they are. It is as if today’s talking points are issued in a communique. Today its “The Meuller report is closing in on the President”. Listen to a montage and they are all using that sentence. If Pelosi says “Barr has lied” it will be repeated all day by the Democrat media, and so forth.

The USA laws on libel are far looser than in the UK. We are obliged to add the word “alleged” to any accusation even if we are repeating what a politician has said. They know that Barr or Trump is never going to sue for libel and, indeed, Trump has stated that he thinks it’s time that USA libel laws are tightened.

The Meuller investigation has dominated Democrat media. Levin was the first person to announce (and demonstrate) that the investigation was based on a hoax and that Trump WAS illegally spied on. You wouldn’t believe how uptight they are about the use of the word “spied”. “No, no! It’s surveillance. The USA regularly uses surveillance” they cry. Barr stated that “spying is a regular English word I have no trouble in using”.

All Levin did was to take reports in the New York Times and Washington post, written via leaks from the investigating security services, to construct a time-line of events that forensically demonstrated the hoax and plot.

The USA public opinion on its media is now taking a dive. A recent Pew Research Centre captures that the public are also aware of biased, fake news:-

Lugosi, Going Postal

And who do they blame?

Lugosi, Going Postal

Source: Pew Research Center Many Americans Say Made-Up News Is a Critical Problem That Needs To Be Fixed

Post Meuller CNN has seen a dramatic fall in its viewers. It seems CNN relies more on selling its broadcasts cheap to airports and hotels than consumer choice at home. Rachel Maddow’s credibility and viewership is in the tank. She engages in the realms of conspiracy theory, hung everything on a positive Meuller report and now has lost credibility after telling her viewers that “the net is closing-in” too many times.

USA media is, as they say, “a piece or work”. A random selection of their “finest moments” are:-

  • NBC altered the Zimmerman tape:-

Zimmerman – on NBC tape: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.

And here is how it actually went down:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.

Dispatcher: OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?

Zimmerman: He looks black.

  • The media perpetuated “Hands up, don’t shoot” even though it was a lie.
  • They made the Covington kids the aggressors when they were the victims.
  • Promoted Stormy Daniels, and Avenati (creepy porn lawyer) as a prospective Presidential candidate.
    He now faces several indictments and jail time.
  • Promoted opinions of a psychiatrist, who had never interviewed Trump, who said he was unstable.
    This is contravention of the rules of the American Psychological Association which state that you cannot offer a diagnosis of a politician without a structured interview.
  • Promoted Cohen’s interview as “Now we’ve got him (Trump)”.
    Now Cohen faces jail-time for lying to congress.
  • Reported that Trump removed the bust of MLK from the WH.
    It was simply obscured by someone from the protection squad.
  • Pushed that Trump had said that the KKK had some “good people”.
    He was referring to all of those marching to stop statues coming down, many of whom weren’t KKK.
  • Reports on Impeachment
    But never once asking “on what grounds and what evidence?”

What comes through the Pew Research Centre report is that the public are now getting tired of their media and can see through their agendas. Because of the heavy funding behind the likes of CNN, MSNBC, Washington Times and New York Times they will continue to be funded because they are Democrat propaganda. They won’t be allowed to fold.

Fox News is reckoned to be the only news media that separates news from opinion. When it says its “Fair and Balanced”, it is. Fox has more left-leaning commentators than the others have Republican/Conservative. Shep Smith, Chris Matthews, Juan Williams, Marie Harf, Donna Brazil and Geraldo Rivera (who swings both ways) add contrast and alternatives. It often infuriates me. Fortunately, Fox has several hours of Conservative domination with the early evening line-up of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

Levin forecasts that the Internet will ameliorate the biased news of the MSM. He has joined Blaze Media to broadcast his Levin TV under a Conservative media umbrella. He also has “Life, Liberty and Levin” broadcast by Fox on Sunday evenings. It is no surprise that the radio audience for his week-day program blows all MSM out of the water. Only Rush Limbaugh tops him. He detects a sea change amongst the population in their belief in its MSM. The “Fake News” meme invented by Trump is making its mark and the media is taking a toll.

The angrier the media get with Trump is reflected in the hectoring gaggle of reporters firing questions at him. They always sound angry, don’t they? They haven’t worked out that Trump chooses which questions to answer and instead of becoming “gotcha” fodder they supply him with millions of dollars of free publicity. Note he doesn’t always answer the question shouted at him.

Our UK media can’t handle Trumpian responses. How many times did interviews with Sebastian Gorka or Steve Bannon not end well for their inquisitors?

It would be interesting to make a list of UK media “Fake News” and distortions. I am a keen reader of books about Islam and I believe “Nothing To Do With Islam” is one of the worst examples of our media conspiring with politicians to present a narrative that is demonstrably false.

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