Going Postal Statistics May 2019

Swiss Bob, Going Postal
Pageviews 2019

This is not bad as blogs go but it would be nice to push it to a million a month, not quite sure how to do that though. A big thank you to those that promote the site and post links to GP on other sites.

Swiss Bob, Going Postal
For comparison this is where we were last year, pageviews 2018

Revenue from advertising has been awful since January, it’s now about a quarter of what it was. Something changed, or I changed something such that Auto Adsense no longer places ads within the articles (best revenue) which I am trying to resolve, unfortunately Google/Adsense is no help. The alternative is to do the ad setup manually which is a complete pain and not something I want to invest time in as it’s so tedious. I shall endeavour to persevere. On the plus side I shall try the new ad account, though I am not particularly hopeful it will generate anything significant. This is all to do with ad rates. Too many sites. However, I have been approached by an advertiser and am currently waiting for a reply to see what sort of rates they’ll offer. If you use an ad-blocker please consider white listing GP. Help from anyone with experience of setting up ads on a website would be much appreciated.

Another option I have is that I am receiving regular requests for ‘guest posts’. For various reasons I have ignored them, one of which is that I know how much you liked them on Fawksey’s site, also the return was pretty lousy. Since then I have been offered better rates and am considering running a few as they would make a decent contribution to the finances. Let me know what you think. Merchandise adds a little but you only need so many mugs and tee shirts. Finding a job is of course an alternative but age and skill set are against me as far as IT goes and I wouldn’t be able to maintain the site any longer. Boo!

June Summer Competition

Regulars know that Justabritabroad has a fabulous place in Portugal which he has again offered for the top two articles, 2nd prizes are half cases of wine, 3rd books of your choice, 4th tee shirts and 5th mugs, mouse mat or beer mats. I think last time the top twelve articles were awarded prizes. See the article below or search for ‘competition’ in the search box at the top of the site for details:

Postcard from the Algarve, No 5


Some of you are under the impression that this is a free speech site and can say whatever you like. I’m not sure I’ve pushed that particular line. Please see the moderation page for clarity: Moderation philosophy and policy.

Brewery Bash 2019

I’m still waiting for responses from some of you so please check your spam folders and get back to me. I need confirmation for the two organised meals, the Saturday BBQ at the brewery and the Sunday lunch at the GHH which are £25 and £12 (last time I was there) respectively. I need to know because I’m not in a position to pay for people who don’t turn up this time. I will make a contribution to drinks but I expect you to pay your own bills, naming no names. The image below is definitely not what GP accommodation will look like but I will make sure you are as comfortable as possible. There’s a shower in the pub, power should be available on site and with any luck it should be reasonably warm in July (Crosses fingers after last year).

Brewery Bash 2019


Summer’s coming. I’m sure you need loads of tee shirts and mugs: GP Tee Shirts

You knew it was coming. Finally a big thank you to those that contribute financially to the site. If you are a regular visitor and want to help keep the site going I think we are worth a couple of pints a month. Little and often is best as it gives me a baseline revenue. While it’s nowhere near enough to live on it certainly helps reduce the drain on my savings. Most payment methods are accepted and there is an option to make a monthly payment. Support and Subscriptions. I am happy to send regular contributors your choice of merchandise.

I did say finally but I am in need of somewhere to live again so if you have, or know of someone wanting to rent a place with two bedrooms and a garden please get in touch. Preferably in the south as I have family commitments. Contact.

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