How Democracy Has Lost Its Way

Godfrey Bloom, Going Postal
May 1st Polling Station, by Amanda Slater CC Licence

Most of us don’t think too much about democracy except perhaps at election time.
We are probably too busy living lives of quiet desperation running a business, paying extortionate taxes & trying to keep one step ahead of the game.
The concept of democracy in ancient Athens was not based upon a universal franchise, they would have considered that madness, as I do myself. As Cromwell astutely observed ‘a man is not entitled to a vote for simply breathing the air’. Some sort of contribution to society was demanded before an opinion could be tendered on how it should be run. After all, nobody would expect a vote at a Marks & Spencer AGM if they were not shareholders, skin in the game as our American cousins would say.

But modern democracy in Britain has been hopelessly corrupted by a representative parliamentary system. Our Member of Parliament is expected to reflect our wishes, at least broadly. Those wishes should bear some relation to the manifesto of the parliamentarian presented at election time.
It is after all a contract. Many today are deeply surprised how far the concept of representative government has drifted.
This division has come about for a number of reasons.
A universal franchise under a parliamentary party system has widened the gulf between what the electorate wants & what the political party can or will deliver.
The checks & balances have all but been removed.
Realistically in Britain, as in America, there is a two party system. You can vote blue or red.
The choice is further eroded by candidates being selected at party headquarters. ‘Safe’ seats are carefully handed out to those who will put the party first, before country or local electorate.
This means your candidate is beholden to a tiny political claque, he or she is almost always sub standard because the best people will not become lobby fodder, but there are hundreds who will.
Out of over six hundred MPs at Westminster barely ten percent could hold down any serious job in the private sector. Many are embarrassingly stupid & ill informed. This is where the rot sets in.

The government of the day is therefore easily manipulated by those whom are dedicated to a cause unsaleable in the electoral arena.
Where only decades ago civil servants were genuinely facilitators of government, they now have seized the levers of power from the ministerial dullards with consummate ease & govern with no mandate or discipline of elections.
We used not to know their names, they worked in the shadows.
Now they are household names, Olly Robbins & Mark Sedwill dedicated to a federal Europe simply plough their own furrow. Weak ministers are in their thrall. Civil servants are usually cleverer, better educated & informed than ministers, they remain in office regardless of elections. They play pork barrel politics for advancement of their empires, they keep ministers & public permanently in the dark.
They work hand in glove with international civil servants to further the common cause.
The European Union is the classic example but the phenomenon is global, especially in the world of geo politics. Global resources, banks, regime change are the force drivers. Mentioning Davos, Bilderberg or Common Purpose will get you marked down as a conspiracy theorist. But conspiracy there is, like it or not.

MSM has been gelded over many decades, there is now hardly any investigative journalism.
False flag attacks at home or abroad remain unreported. The CIA press release is never challenged, regardless how absurd the tale. Never once has British MSM challenged the US position in Syria, Horn of Africa, Libya, South China Sea or Zionism. Yellow vest protest is not covered at all by MSM.
Government debt, unaudited overseas aid, immigration form no part of press or TV debate.
Faux science is not just accepted but promulgated, resisters are ruthlessly dismissed, leading BBC scientist Dr. David Bellamy was quickly replaced when he questioned the absurd man made AGW hypothesis over twenty years ago.

The enormity of the dangers with the new EU Security protocols are kept a secret from parliament itself, never mind the electorate.
Defence correspondents have no expertise at all, yet TV & press insist their highly paid sports journalists come from a professional sporting background.
The BBC retain Jonathan Beale as defence correspondent, a man woefully ill equipped for the roll. The Times of London have Lucy Fisher, no doubt sound on handbags & shoes but defence !
So the government goes unchallenged & the military & naval strategic & procurement shambles continues unchecked.
Idiot financial journalists with a few noble exception are all tax & spend Keynesians.
The British working class are now completely unrepresented, as are rural dwellers.
A recent classic example where shooting of vermin was suppressed on farms & small holdings.
The Green lobby runs the government, Roger Harabin the BBC environment spokesman is a political activist, Chris Packham & Tony Juniper quasi civil servants dictate policy to hapless ministers keen to flaunt their green credentials with their brown rice & sun dried tomatoes at their dismal dinner parties.

The upshot is the man on the Clapham omnibus remains totally unrepresented & becomes more detached from the electoral process.
But although the establishment shed crocodile tears over this, it is exactly what they want.

© Godfrey Bloom 2019 –


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