Euro Elections 6 – Scotland and Wales

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This is the sixth in a series of seven articles. They contain a brief(ish) introduction and a list of parties and candidates standing in one or two Regions for the European Elections. The first table is a list of how many MEPs each party has in each Region. Then follow the lists for the Regions. There is also a prediction of who will be elected based on a Comres poll dated 1-7 May. Those candidates are checked with a tick. If a candidate’s name is in bold then he or she is already an MEP. Many MEPs have seen the writing on the wall and have either stood down or jumped ship.

If you look carefully you may notice some family names you recognise, this may be an attempt to get relatives onto the gravy train.

This is the state of play from the last European Elections with the total number of seats per region and how they have been allocated between the parties. It will look quite a bit different, lots of blanks in the number of Tory MEPs would please me no end as well as all blanks in Chuckup’s party slots. I have not included Northern Ireland here because the system there seems to be so much different to the rest of the UK and I can’t easily make sense of it.

Region Total Con Lab Green LibDum UKIP PC SNP
East Midlands 5 2 1 2
East of England 7 3 1 3
London 8 2 4 1 1
North East 3 2 1
North West 8 2 3 3
South East 10 3 1 1 1 4
South West 6 2 1 1 2
West Midlands 7 2 2 3
Yorkshire & Humberside 6 2 2 2
Scotland 6 1 2 1 2
Wales 4 1 1 1 1

These are the lists for the Scotland and Wales Regions. Jospeh Russo of the Change UK Party has withdrawn over ill-judged comments about the age of consent and tinged women. Silly boy. Of the rest I have little idea, if any puffins have any ideas please put them in the comments so nobody will read them.

Looking back over these lists it seems that jumpers have not been rewarded and quite a few MEPs are calling it a day. The first part pleases me, the second makes me a bit suspicious.

As of 15th May , David Macdonald, top of the Change UK list has defected to the LibDums. As you will note the original #1 choice had already withdrawn. That meant second choice Dave moved to number 1. Kate Forman will now be third choice number 1 unless she also deserts the sinking ship that is Change UK.

I hope we will all be pleasantly surprised on May 26th/27th when the results are announced.

Scotland Region

Brexit Party
Louis Stedman-Bryce
Karina Walker
James Ferguson-Hannah
Stuart Waiton
Paul Aitken
Calum Walker
Change UK
Joseph Russo (withdrawn)
David Macdonald (defected)
Kate Forman
Peter Griffiths
Heather Astbury
Catherine Edgeworth
Nosheena Mobarik
Iain McGill
Shona Haslam
Iain Whyte
Andrea Gee
Michael Kusznir
Maggie Chapman
Lorna Slater
Gillian Mackay
Chas Booth
Mags Hall
Allan Faulds
Ken Parke
Gordon Edgar
David Martin
Jayne Baxter
Craig Miller
Amy Lee Fraioli
Callum O’Dwyer
Angela Bretherton
Liberal Democrats
Sheila Ritchie
Fred Mackintosh
Catriona Bhatia
Vita Zaporozcenko
John Edward
Clive Sneddon
Alyn Smith
Christian Allard
Aileen McLeod
Margaret Ferrier
Heather Anderson
Alex Kerr
Donald Mackay
Janice Mackay
Otto Inglis
Mark Meechan
Roy Hill
Neil Wilson

Wales Region

Brexit Party
Nathan Gill
James Freeman Wells
Gethin James
Julie Anne Price
Change UK
Jon Owen Jones
June Davies
Matthew Paul
Sally Stephenson
Dan Boucher
Craig Lawton
Fay Jones
Tomos Davies
Anthony Slaughter
Ian Chandler
Ceri Davies
Duncan Rees
Jackie Jones
Matthew James Dorrance
Mary Wimburyscotland
Mark Jeffrey Denley Whitcutt
Liberal Democrats
Sam Bennett
Donna Lalek
Alistair Cameron
Andrew Parkhurst
Plaid Cymru
Carmen Ria Smith
Ioan Rhys Bellin
Jill Evans
Patrick McGuinness
Kris Hicks
Keith Edwards
Tom Harrison
Robert McNeil Wilson


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