Euro Elections 5 – London and South West England

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This is the fifth in a series of seven articles. They contain a brief(ish) introduction and a list of parties and candidates standing in one or two Regions for the European Elections. The first table is a list of how many MEPs each party has in each Region. Then follow the lists for the Regions. There is also a prediction of who will be elected based on a Comres poll dated 1-7 May. Those candidates are checked with a tick. If a candidate’s name is in bold then he or she is already an MEP. Many MEPs have seen the writing on the wall and have either stood down or jumped ship.

If you look carefully you may notice some family names you recognise, this may be an attempt to get relatives onto the gravy train.

This is the state of play from the last European Elections with the total number of seats per region and how they have been allocated between the parties. It will look quite a bit different, lots of blanks in the number of Tory MEPs would please me no end as well as all blanks in Chuckup’s party slots. I have not included Northern Ireland here because the system there seems to be so much different to the rest of the UK and I can’t easily make sense of it.

Region Total Con Lab Green LibDum UKIP PC SNP
East Midlands 5 2 1 2
East of England 7 3 1 3
London 8 2 4 1 1
North East 3 2 1
North West 8 2 3 3
South East 10 3 1 1 1 4
South West 6 2 1 1 2
West Midlands 7 2 2 3
Yorkshire & Humberside 6 2 2 2
Scotland 6 1 2 1 2
Wales 4 1 1 1 1

This is the list for the London and the South West Regions.

In the London Region we have the only appearances of the Animal Welfare Party, the UK European Union Party and the Women’s Equality Party. None are destined to be blessed with a seat, obviously not getting their messages across. There is also a large list of Independents, again they are not a list but individuals. The braying donkey, Steve Bray, from the HoP is there but he has withdrawn either to avoid filth or because Soros has closed his wallet to him. Gavin Esler is first on the Change UK but fat lot of good it will do him, they are not even going to win one seat. How he must have fought to be first but all to no avail. Gerard Batten is first on the UKIP list but he is not predicted to win a seat either.

There is excellent news in the South West Region, Lord Adonis has managed to get himself second place on the Labour list. All those Brexiteer votes could possibly have got him elected but as it stands, he is going to keep his record of only ever having been elected to Oxford Town Council. Boris’ sister, Rachel, is first on the Change UK list but it will do her no good at all, she is not going to be elected. Perhaps getting her baps out again would improve her chances but it might take even more than that to swing it. Do I hear growls in the background ?

London Region

Animal Welfare Party
Vanessa Hudson
Jane Smith
Sam Morland
Ranjan Joshi
Mina de Rui
Jonathan Homan
Brexit Party
Benyamin Habib
Lance Forman
Graham Shore
Alka Sehgal Cuthbert
Jimi Ogunnusi
Simon Marcus
Mehrtash A’zami
Aileen Quinton
Change UK
Gavin Esler
Jan Vincent-Rostowski
Carole Tongue
Annabelle Mullin
Karen Newman
Ali Sadjady Naiery (withdrawn)
Nora Mulready
Jessica Simor
Syed Kamall
Charles Tannock
Joy Morrissey
Timothy Barnes
Scott Pattenden
Attic Rahman
Kirsty Finlayson
Luke Parker
Scott Aisline
Gulnar Hasnain
Shahrar Ali
Rachel Collinson
Eleanor Margolies
Remo van der Stoep
Kirsten De Keyser
Peter Underwood
Daze Aghajit
Steve Bray (withdrawn)
Roger Hallam
Alan Kirby
Kofi Mawuli Klu
Zoe Delemere Lafferty
Claudia McDowell
Andrew Medhurst
Henry Muss
Mike Shad
Ian Sowden
Andrea Venzon
Claude Moraes
Seb Dance
Katy Clark
Laura Parker
Murad Qureishi
Taranjit Chana
James Beckles
Sanchia Alasi
Liberal Democrats
Irina Von Wiese
Dinesh Dhamija
Luisa Porritt
Jonathan Fryer
Hussain Khan
Helen Cross
Graham Colley
Rabina Khan
UK European Union Party
Pierre Kirk
Richard Stevens
Saleyha Ahsan
Anna Novikova
Angela Antetomaso
Richard Boardman
Gerard Batten
Richard Braine
Pete Muswell
Freddy Vachha
Peter McIlvenna
Robert Stephenson
John Poynton
Ronie Johnson
Women’s Equality Party
Catherine Mayer
Bea Gare
Nanci Hogan
Aliyah Dunbar-Hussain
Hannah Barham-Brown
Alison Marshall
Olivia Vincenti
Leyla Mohan

South West Region

Brexit Party
Ann Widdecombe
James Glancy
Christina Jordan
Ann Tarr
Roger Lane-Nott
Nicola Darke
Change UK
Rachel Johnson
Jim Godfrey
Oli Middleton
Matthew Hooberman
Liz Sewell
Crispin Hunt
Ashley Fox
James Mustoe
Faye Purbrick
Claire Hiscott
James Taghdissian
Emmeline Owens
English Democrats
Jenny Knight
Michael Blundell
Molly Scott Cato
Cleo Lake
Carla Denyer
Tom Scott
Martin Dimery
Karen La Borde
Larch Maxey
Mothiur Rahman
Neville Seed
Clare Moody
Andrew Adonis
Jayne Kirkham
Neil Guild
Yvonne Atkinson
Sadik Adam Al-Hassan
Liberal Democrats
Caroline Voaden
Martin Horwood
Stephen Williams
Eleanor Rylance
David Chalmers
Lawrence Webb
Carl Benjamin
Tony McIntyre
Lester Geoffrey Taylor
Stephen Lee
Richard Wright


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