Euro Elections 4 – Yorkshire and Humber and East of England

Richard Tice, March to Leave 24th March 2019 © Going Postal 2019

This is the fourth in a series of six articles. They contain a brief(ish) introduction and a list of parties and candidates standing in one or two Regions for the European Elections. The first table is a list of how many MEPs each party has in each Region. Then follow the lists for the Regions. There is also a prediction of who will be elected based on a Comres poll dated 1-7 May. Those candidates are checked with a tick. If a candidate’s name is in bold then he or she is already an MEP. Many MEPs have seen the writing on the wall and have either stood down or jumped ship.

If you look carefully you may notice some family names you recognise, this may be an attempt to get relatives onto the gravy train.

This is the state of play from the last European Elections with the total number of seats per region and how they have been allocated between the parties. It will look quite a bit different, lots of blanks in the number of Tory MEPs would please me no end as well as all blanks in Chuckup’s party slots. I have not included Northern Ireland here because the system there seems to be so much different to the rest of the UK and I can’t easily make sense of it.

Region Total Con Lab Green LibDum UKIP PC SNP
East Midlands 5 2 1 2
East of England 7 3 1 3
London 8 2 4 1 1
North East 3 2 1
North West 8 2 3 3
South East 10 3 1 1 1 4
South West 6 2 1 1 2
West Midlands 7 2 2 3
Yorkshire & Humberside 6 2 2 2
Scotland 6 1 2 1 2
Wales 4 1 1 1 1

This is the list for the Yorkshire and the Humber and East of England Regions. It’s looking more and more like the kippers who jumped to the Brexit Party and the Labour/Tory ones who jumped to Change UK are not getting onto the lists this time round. How on earth will they survive, there is a limit to the number of well-paid non-jobs available.

Richard Tilbrook of the English Democrats is standing in the East of England. He has taken the gummint to court trying to prove that we actually left the EU on March 29th claiming Saggy did not have the authority to unilaterally declare that we were extending the deadline. That case is still in court but wouldn’t it be delicious if the court finds in his (and our) favour.

East of England Region

Brexit Party
Richard Tice
Michael Heaver
June Mummery
Paul Hearn
Priscilla Huby
Sean Lever
Edmund Forham
Change UK
Emma Taylor
Neil Carmichael
Bhavna Joshi
Michelle de Vries
Amanda Gummer
Thomas Graham
Roger Casale
Geoffrey van Orden
John Flack
Joe Rich
Thomas McLaren
Joel Charles
Wassim Mughal
Thomas Smith
English Democrats
Robin Tilbrook
Charles Vickers
Bridget Vickers
Paul Wiffen
Catherine Rowett
Rupert Read
Martin Schmierer
Fiona Radic
Paul Jeater
Pallavi Devulapalli
Jeremy Lloyd Caddick
Attila Csordas
Alex Mayer
Chris Vince
Sharon Taylor
Alvin Shum
Anna Smith
Adam Scott
Javeria Hussain
Liberal Democrats
Barbara Gibson
Lucy Nethsingha
Fionna Tod
Stephen Robinson
Sandy Walkington
Marie Goldman
Julia Ewart
Stuart Agnew
Paul Oakley
Liz Jones
William Ashpole
Alan Graves Jr
John Wallace
John Whitby

Yorkshire & the Humber Region

Brexit Party
John Longworth
Lucy Elizabeth Harris
Jake Pugh
James Rupert Heartfield
Andrew Allison
Christopher Barker
Change UK
Diana Wallis
Juliet Lodge
Sophia Bow
Joshua Malkin
Ros McMullen
Steve Wilson
John Procter
Amjad Bashir
Michael Naughton
Andrew Lee
Matthew Freckleton
Susan Pascoe
English Democrats
David Stewart Allen
Tony Stewart Allen
Joanne Allen
Fiona Allen
Magid Magid
Alison Teal
Andrew Cooper
Louise Houghton
Lars Kramm
Ann Forsaith
Richard Corbett
Eloise Todd
Mohammed Jawad Khan
Jayne Allport
Martin Mayer
Alison Hume
Liberal Democrats
Shaffaq Mohammed
Rosina Robson
James Blanchard
Sophie Thornton
James Baker
Ruth Coleman-Taylor
Mike Hookem
Gary Shores
John Hancock
David Dews
Graham Waddicar
Cliff Parson
Yorkshire Party
Chris Whitwood
Mike Jordan
Jack Carrington
Laura-Marie Walker
Bob Buxton
Dan Cochran


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