Euro Elections 3 – East and West Midlands

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This is the third in a series of six articles. They contain a brief(ish) introduction and a list of parties and candidates standing in one or two Regions for the European Elections. The first table is a list of how many MEPs each party has in each Region. Then follow the lists for the Regions. There is also a prediction of who will be elected based on a Comres poll dated 1-7 May. Those candidates are checked with a tick. If a candidate’s name is in bold then he or she is already an MEP. Many MEPs have seen the writing on the wall and have either stood down or jumped ship.

If you look carefully you may notice some family names you recognise, this may be an attempt to get relatives onto the gravy train.

This is the state of play from the last European Elections with the total number of seats per region and how they have been allocated between the parties. It will look quite a bit different, lots of blanks in the number of Tory MEPs would please me no end as well as all blanks in Chuckup’s party slots. I have not included Northern Ireland here because the system there seems to be so much different to the rest of the UK and I can’t easily make sense of it.

Region Total Con Lab Green LibDum UKIP PC SNP
East Midlands 5 2 1 2
East of England 7 3 1 3
London 8 2 4 1 1
North East 3 2 1
North West 8 2 3 3
South East 10 3 1 1 1 4
South West 6 2 1 1 2
West Midlands 7 2 2 3
Yorkshire & Humberside 6 2 2 2
Scotland 6 1 2 1 2
Wales 4 1 1 1 1

This is the list for the East and West Midlands Regions. JRM’s sister looks like she will board the gravy train but poor old Bill Newton Dunn, who sounds like a relation of some hack at the Sun, will have to wait for another chance. Spare a thought for Rupert Matthews, a Conservative MEP, who is unlikely to resume his place at the trough and I sincerely hope his colleague Emma McClarkin, presently predicted to survive, also falls by the wayside.

Jonathon Bullock and Margot Parker in the East Midlands plus Bill Etheridge and Jill Seymore in the West Midlands, all currently listed as being MEPs for the Brexit Party, seem to have been left behind in the rush for seats. Presumably they were elected for UKIP and jumped ship. The waters seem to be shark infested.

Poor old Stephen Dorrell who has migrated to Change UK in the West Midlands from the Tories seems destined to finish his days in obscurity , Chuckup’s vehicle is foundering badly.

East Midlands Region

Brexit Party
Annunziata Rees-Mogg
Jonathan Deryck Bullock
Matthew Richard Patten
Tracy Selina Knowles
Anna Louisa Bailey


Change UK
Kate Godfrey
Joan Laplana
Narinder Sharma
Pankajhumar Gulab
Emma-Jane Marley


Emma McClarkin
Rupert Matthews
Anthony Harper
Brendan Clarke-Smith
Thomas Randall


Kat Boettge
Gerhard Lohmann-Bond
Liam McClelland
Daniel Wimberley
Simon Tooke


Independent Network
Nick Byatt
Marianne Jane Overton
Daniel Anthony Simpson
Pearl Winifred Clarke
Nikki Dillon


Rory Palmer
Leonie Mathers
Tony Tinley
Nicolle Ndiweni
Gary Godden


Liberal Democrats
Bill Newton Dunn
Michael Mullaney
Lucy Care
Suzanna Austin
Caroline Kenyon


Alan Graves
Marietta King
Anil Bhatti
Fran Loi
John Evans


Simon Louis Rood

West Midlands Region

Brexit Party
Rupert Lowe
Martin Daubney
Andrew Kerr
Vishal Khatri
Nikki Page
Laura Mann Kevehazi
Katharine Harborne

Change UK
Stephen Dorrell
Charlotte Gath
Peter Wilding
Amrik Kandola
Joanna McKenna
Victor Odusanya
Lucinda Empson

Anthea McIntyre
Daniel Dalton
Suzanne Webb
Meirion Jenkins
Alexander Phillips
Mary Noone
Ahmed Ejaz

Ellie Chowns
Diana Toynbee
Paul Woodhead
Julian Dean
Louis Stephen
Helen Heathfield
Kefentse Dennis

Neen Gill
Sion Simon
Julia Buckley
Ansar Ali Khan
Zarah Sultana
Samuel Hennessy
Liz Clements

Liberal Democrats
Phil Bennion
Ade Adeyemo
Jeanie Falconer
Jenny Wilkinson
Jennifer Eileen Gray
Lee Dargue
Beverley Nielsen

Ernie Warrender
Paul Williams
Graham Eardley
Paul Allen
Nigel Ely
Joe Smyth
Derek Bennett


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