Euro Elections 10 – the Results vs. the Predictions

As expected, The Brexit Party won by a considerable margin, not that you would be aware of that from listening to either Sly or Al-Jabeeba.  Chuckup’s shower have been obliterated, not even a sniff of a seat. Let us rejoice. Lord Adonis, Dobby to the few friends he might have, keeps up his tradition of not being elected since his glory day in Oxford’s City Council. Boris Johnson’s sister was not successful, luckily, perhaps she ought to have got her baps out after all. All in all, some seriously revolting people are now either out on their ear or failed to get a seat, I don’t include NHRN in that description.

The newscasters have been trying to talk down Brexit and big up Remain by adding together votes of all sorts of parties and jumping to their preferred conclusion. They have ignored The Brexit Party getting incredible results in Labour strongholds.

The Tories are down to 3 seats, that is 3 more than they deserve. The Brexit Party came first in Windsor and Maidenhead, Saggy’s Westminster seat, there will be far fewer safe Tory seats as we head into the next GE. Labour didn’t even win Londonistan, they were behind the LibDums who even, cheekily, won Islington. So much for the tramp’s policy of vacillation and Fourbellies (an Islington Labour MP) still sat there giving us the benefit of her sneer on Al-Jabeeba.

Is there any egg on my face, a little bit, you can never be 100% right on these things. It has just been a bit of fun and probably closer to the truth than I expected. Hope you all enjoyed it. As they say, what a time to be alive. This should be the beginning of smashing the Tories to pieces and Labour ripping itself to pieces. Wonder what will emerge from the rubble. Maybe the Peterborough by-election will give us a clue.

Point of order Mr Speaker, the objectionable Alky Campbell was yet again dragged out to pontificate on Al-Jabeeba. He is yesterday’s man, why do they keep giving the former drunk so much air time. Sly had that slapper Gina Miller (née Singh) on, she’s a bit like the female version of Alky.

There are now three columns after the candidates’ names. The first is the May 1-7 prediction, the second is the May 21st prediction and the third is the May 26th result.

Our friends north of the border will not be declaring anytime soon, it’s time to have a snooze and see if they have extracted their tartan digits before I wake up. There are rumours that the SNP will lose 1 seat and then be equal with the Brexit Party on 2 seats. If that happens the fishwife will be fuming. In 2014 the Tories got one seat in Scotland, this time I am sticking with the no Tories prediction.

In 2014 UKIP frightened CallMeDave into the referendum with their 24 seats. This time The Brexit Party has already got 28 seats with one or perhaps 2 more to come from Scotland. That should concentrate minds in 10 Downing Street. If there were to be a GE soon, the Tories will be smashed to bits and Labour will get a good kicking as well. Can’t see either of them relishing losing that many seats so how is anyone going to force a GE. The Remainers are already claiming victory based on votes cast, they do this by claiming both Tories and Labour are also actually Remainers and adding in Chuckup’s votes. I just hope the mis-named Adonis goes back in his box and stays there, his ugly mug has plagued us more than enough.

Bunter on Sly was seriously pi$$ing me off with his attempts to be a spin doctor for Remain. On a brighter note it seems Facial Jizzlam who left Sly for greener pastures at Al-Jabeeba has been left high and dry after Auntie changed her mind. He is now “between jobs” or “resting” as the thespians describe it. The good news just keeps coming.

Statistic of the night – the LibDums now have more MEPs than MPs in Westminster. It’s a funny old world.

South East Region

Brexit Party
Nigel Farage
Alexandra Phillips
Robert Rowland
Belinda de Lucy
James Bartholomew
Change UK
Richard Ashworth
Daniel Hannan
Nirj Deva
Alexandra Philips
John Howarth
Cathy Shutt
Liberal Democrats
Catherine Bearder
Anthony Hook
Judith Bunting

North East Region.

Brexit Party
Brian Monteith
John Tennant
Jude Kirton-Darling
Paul Brannen

North West Region

Brexit Party
Claire Fox
Henrik Eyser Overgaard Nielsen
David Bull
Sajjad Karim
Gina Dowding
Theresa Griffin
Julie Ward
Wajid Iltaf Kham
Erica Lewis
Liberal Democrats
Chris Davies
Jane Brophy

East Midlands Region

Brexit Party
Annunziata Rees-Mogg
Jonathan Deryck Bullock
Matthew Richard Patten
Emma McClarkin
Rory Palmer
Leonie Mathers
Liberal Democrats
Bill Newton Dunn

West Midlands Region

Brexit Party
Rupert Lowe
Martin Daubney
Andrew Kerr
Vishal Khatri
Anthea McIntyre
Ellie Chowns
Neen Gill
Sion Simon
Liberal Democrats
Phil Bennion

East of England Region

Brexit Party
Richard Tice
Michael Heaver
June Mummery
Paul Hearn
Geoffrey van Orden
Catherine Rowett
Alex Mayer
Chris Vince
Liberal Democrats
Barbara Gibson
Lucy Nethsingha

Yorkshire & the Humber Region

Brexit Party
John Longworth
Lucy Elizabeth Harris
Jake Pugh
Magid Magid
Richard Corbett
Eloise Todd
Mohammed Jawad Khan
Liberal Democrats
Shaffaq Mohammed

London Region

Brexit Party
Benyamin Habib
Lance Forman
Syed Kamall
Scott Aisline
Claude Moraes
Seb Dance
Katy Clark
Laura Parker
Liberal Democrats
Irina Von Wiese
Dinesh Dhamija
Luisa Porritt

South West Region

Brexit Party
Ann Widdecombe
James Glancy
Christina Jordan
Ashley Fox
Molly Scott Cato
Clare Moody
Liberal Democrats
Caroline Voaden
Martin Horwood

Scotland Region

Brexit Party
Louis Stedman-Bryce
Karina Walker
Nosheena Mobarik
Maggie Chapman
David Martin
Alyn Smith
Christian Allard
Aileen McLeod

Wales Region

Brexit Party
Nathan Gill
James Freeman Wells
Jackie Jones
Matthew James Dorrance
Plaid Cymru
Carmen Ria Smith


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