Veterans March for Justice, 19th April

As I said yesterday I couldn’t find much on the march so wasn’t sure what to expect. I needn’t have worried. Postaliers Stout Yeoman, Sunshine & Showers, MarkW and OldTrout joined me. SY thought there were about 5,000 of us and I think that was probably about right.

I turned up at Horse Guards Road, the St James’s Park side of Horse Guards about 10.30 am and people were already gathering. We were soon directed to the steps below the Duke of York Column where a PA system had been set up for speeches.

Swiss Bob, © Going Postal
Starting at the Duke of York Column

There were speeches from various Army veterans and Gerard Batten, the only politician in evidence. Sadly I missed recording the best ‘speech’ by one of the Parachute Regiment veterans, a CSM/RSM who had a few choice words, both poignant and amusing.

Gerard Batten Speech – Unfortunately I had a glitch so it’s only the end. Tony Blair gets a mention

After that we set off up The Mall in the direction of Buckingham Palace where we gave the Queen (Absent) a rendition of God Save the Queen, no curtains were twitched. Then headed off back down the Mall towards Admiralty Arch.

Swiss Bob, © Going Postal
On The Mall
Swiss Bob, © Going Postal
Outside Buckingham Palace where we sang God Save The Queen
Swiss Bob, © Going Postal
Admiralty Arch

Passing through the Arch into Trafalgar Square we rounded the roundabout on the south side before heading down Whitehall to lay wreaths at the Cenotaph, listen to a bugler play the last post and for a piper to play The Flowers of the Forest. I met him later while having a drink with GB, sound chap.

Swiss Bob, © Going Postal
Passing through Trafalgar Square

Apologies to Postaliers who missed us, they were too busy in The Lord Moon of the Mall pub to notice us marching past. . . .

Swiss Bob, © Going Postal
Bugler plays the Last Post before the two minute silence

Piper plays The Flowers of the Forest

After that we descended on Parliament Sq. to, “clear it of tree huggers”, parade in front of the House of Commons, then on command about turn to give those traitors our backs. A traditional form of disrespect.

After a short while we decided to head back up Whitehall to The Lord Moon of the Mall pub but were waylaid by the sight of the first pub we came to, The Red Lion, where I sent MarkW to buy the drinks. Shortly after that OldTrout Spotted Gerard Batten having a pint so we went over to join him for a chat. He was very approachable and friendly, we probably spent a half hour with him before OT and myself departed but I understand he stayed on for some time after that.

Swiss Bob, © Going Postal
Having a drink with Gerard Batten after the march

He asked me if I wanted to do an interview but as I was unprepared I exchanged, gave him my details – and forgot to take his. Doh! However I should be able to get in touch with him and will take questions from Postaliers to send.

No media in obvious attendance but The Daily Mail had this. See the link for the excellent headline picture.

British Army veterans march on London and cities across UK to protest prosecution of ‘Soldier F’ who faces murder trial over Bloody Sunday Massacre

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