The History of Pop Music – 1982

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Madness – Madness – House of Fun
This is a series of articles looking at pop music from 1955 when in my opinion proper pop music began up to 1999 when they stopped making it. One article for each year.

I am only going to select one featured song for each article, which makes it hard. I am going to try and select a different artist for each year.

For many people, and I include myself, you tend to still like the tunes you heard during childhood, which your parents often played. So rather than just pick the top 10 hits of each year, I shall let you know what they were, but also the tunes of that year not necessarily in the top 10 or so, what were in my view classics.  I also add a couple of events in history for that year, it helps bring back memories, and hopefully happy ones.

Not everyone will like my choices of course, and you may remember some from each particular year that you feel should have been included, so do please post a link to the song.

So, on we go with memories from 1982: (Thank you Wiki)

This year was about:  The Falklands.

What was I doing in this year?  – I was 26, getting bored in Gibraltar. In March, got a posting back to the UK in a Field Squadron in Tidworth. Also got my second stripe. April we were off to the Falklands.  Stuff happened over the next few months.  Came back mid-September just in time for No 2 son being born.

TV programmes included


2 April – The Falklands War begins as Argentina invades the Falkland Islands.[8] Both the BBC and ITV broadcast additional and extended news bulletins throughout the conflict.

Sky One was launched.  Dynasty (garbage), Fame, Boys from the Blackstuff (Awesome), The Young Ones starring Rik Mayall, Ade Edmondson, Nigel Planer, Christopher Ryan and Alexei Sayle is aired on BBC2 (brilliant).

Tiswas ended this year, I just liked it.

Channel 4 started, so Countdown, Brookside, Treasure Hunt.  My favourite though was The Tube, was a bit naughty at times.


Prime Minister – Margaret Thatcher (Conservative)

11 January – Mark Thatcher, son of the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, disappears in the Sahara during Paris-Dakar rally – Found a few days later. Twat.

1 February – Sales of tabloid newspapers are reported to have been boosted substantially since last summer by the introduction of bingo. The Sun has reportedly enjoyed the biggest rise in sales, now selling more than 4,000,000 copies a day on a regular basis. (It’s the top selling paid for newspaper today but with 1.4 million per day).

19 February – The DeLorean car factory in Belfast is put into receivership.

8 March – An Argentine scrap metal dealer raises the Argentine flag in South Georgia, Falkland Islands – a British overseas colony.

19 March – Argentines land on South Georgia Island, precipitating war.

2 April – Falklands War begins as Argentina invades the Falkland Islands.

4 April – Falklands War: The British Falkland Islands government surrenders, placing the islands in Argentine control.

5 April – Falklands War: Royal Navy task force sets sail to the Falklands from Portsmouth.

7 April – Britain declares a 200-mile “exclusion zone” around the Falklands.

24 April – The first British serviceman dies in the Falklands conflict, when his Sea King helicopter crashes.

1 May – Falklands War: Operation Black Buck – a Royal Air Force Vulcan bomber takes off from Ascension Island and bombs Port Stanley Airport.

2 May – Falklands War: the nuclear submarine HMS Conqueror sinks the Argentine cruiser General Belgrano.

4 May – Falklands War: The Type 42 Destroyer, HMS Sheffield, is badly damaged by an Exocet missile. It sinks on 10 May.

21 May – Falklands War: Royal Marines and paratroopers from the British Task Force land at San Carlos Bay on the Falkland Islands and raise the Union Jack.

21 May – Falklands War: HMS Ardent sunk by Argentinian Aircraft in Falkland Sound.

23 May – Falklands War: HMS Antelope of the Royal Navy explodes.

25 May – Falklands War: HMS Coventry sunk by Argentinian Sky Hawks. MV Atlantic Conveyor sunk by Argentinian Exocet.

28 May – Falklands War: Battle of Goose Green commences, the first land battle of the war. Lieutenant-Colonel H. Jones is killed in an action for which he is awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross. British troops reach Darwin, Falkland Islands.

29 May – Falklands War: Battle of Goose Green concludes when British paratroopers defeat a larger force of Argentine troops.

31 May – Falklands War: The Battle of Stanley is fought.

14 June – Falklands War ends as British forces reach the outskirts of Stanley after “yomping” across East Falkland from San Carlos Bay. They arrive to find the Argentine forces flying white flags of surrender. The formal Argentine surrender in the Falklands War is signed this evening.

9 July – Michael Fagan breaks into Buckingham Palace and is apprehended after entering the royal bedroom

30 September – After well over 100 years, the UK Inland Telegram service closed. Telegram figures peaked after the first world war with over 100m sent annually, by the time the service closed the annual figure was down to less than 3 million.

11 October – The Mary Rose, flagship of Henry VIII of England that sank in 1545, is raised from the Solent.

12 October – A victory parade is held in London to mark the end of the Falklands war.

21 October – Sinn Féin win their first seats on the Northern Ireland Assembly, with Gerry Adams winning the Belfast West seat.

2 November – The fourth terrestrial television channel, Channel 4, begins broadcasting,

2 December – Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp: 30,000 women hold hands and form a human chain around the 9-mile (14.5 km) perimeter fence.

15 December – The British colony of Gibraltar gains a pedestrian link to Spain, as the gates which separated the two states are re-opened by the Spanish government after thirteen years.

The Top 10 Singles with a You Tube hyperlink on the title:

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Top Hits of 1982
   1 Dexy’s Midnight Runners Come On Eileen
   2 Irene Cara Fame
   3 Survivor Eye Of The Tiger
   4 Culture Club Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
   5 Tight Fit The Lion Sleeps Tonight
   6 Musical Youth Pass The Dutchie
   7 Eddy Grant I Don’t Wanna Dance
   8 Goombay Dance Band Seven Tears
   9 Paul McCartney with Stevie Wonder Ebony And Ivory
   10 The Jam Town Called Malice / Precious – 2 links for you

Great year for Soft Cell, Human league, Yazoo, Duran Duran, Culture Club started. The Jam had 3 hits with A Town Called Malice, Beat Surrender and the bitterest Pill.  All good tunes, but I really liked the humour and quality fun songs from Madness.

“House of Fun” is a song by English ska/pop group Madness, credited to Mike Barson and Lee Thompson. It was released as a one-off single on 14 May 1982 and reached number one in the UK Singles Chart, spending nine weeks in the charts.  It is the bands only No 1 though.

The song is about coming of age. The lyrics tell the story of a boy on his 16th birthday attempting to buy condoms at a chemist. The UK age of consent is 16, and he makes a point of stating that he is “16 today and up for fun”. However, the boy is misunderstood by the chemist, as he asks for the condoms using slang euphemisms, such as “box of balloons with a featherlight touch” and “party hats with the coloured tips”. The confused chemist behind the counter eventually informs the boy that the establishment is not a joke shop, and directs him towards the “House of Fun”.

As requested a couple of weeks back, Goombay Dance Band is included in the top ten above.

More writings on this band here:  House of Fun

In my view the best songs of the year, after the featured track and most of the above top ten are below (best to right-click and open in a new tab)

Renee & Renato – Save Your Love – I still sing this.  Soppy git I am.

Meatloaf & Cher – Dead Ringer for Love – This may be the first article on classic albums I want to do next, as long as we want to continue with a Friday night music article.

Kraftwerk – Das Model (The Model) – Awesome.

Soft Cell – Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

The Human League – Mirror Man – Great band

Joan Jett – I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll – Great sound

Duran Duran – Hungry like the Wolf

Shakin’ Stevens – Oh Julie

The Jam – Beat Surrender

The Stranglers  – Golden Brown  Never liked this dirge, but if I missed it out I would probably get lynched.

Derek And The Dominos – Layla – Full 7 minute version, it is that good a tune.

Duran Duran – Save A Prayer

Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy

ABC – All Of My Heart

The Human League – Don’t You Want Me – There best song amongst may excellent ones.

Steve Miller Band – Abracadabra – Found a live version.

Charlene – I’ve Never Been To Me – Nice voice.

Nicole – A Little Peace – Cheesy but pleasant.

Boy Town Gang – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Watch the video to see what is the epitome of #FF

Soft Cell – Torch

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Maid Of Orleans – lovely

Bananarama – Shy Boy|

Dire Straits – Private Investigations

Chas & Dave – Aint No Pleasing You – I am a big Chas & Dave fan, this for me was their finest.  RIP Chas Hodges (2018, aged 74)

Hot Chocolate – It Started With A Kiss – Great band of the eighties.

The Jam – The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)

Shalamar – A Night To Remember

Toni Basil – Hey Mickey

Madness – Driving in My Car

Yazoo –Only You – Classic, great voice.

Yazoo – Don’t Go – Another classic

Odyssey – Inside Out

Tears For Fears – Mad World

Bucks Fizz – My Camera Never Lies – Not quite the British Abba, but they looked good.

Fat Larry’s Band – Zoom

Haircut 100 – Love Plus One

The Beatles – Love Me Do – Re-issued.  I think this band could do well.

Fun Song: Scotland World Cup Squad 1982 – I have a dream – For comedic value only.  It is dire.

38 songs for 1982 in my favourite lists.

Hat tips to:  these give the top 100 selling charts for each year   these give the top 10 songs for each year  you know them.

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