A Call to Arms

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I was peripherally involved in the battle of MediaMatters, it was heartening to see the Puffins doing their stuff and there were some excellent posts and comments, very proud of everyone that took part.
I was heartened to see several of the septics were actually quite energised and debated with our mob, despite our obviously poor dental hygiene and execrable cuisine. There were even a couple of potential recruits there, it turned out.

That’s not the point however; this encounter led me to a nominal check on mediamatters.org. This was founded in 2004 by a lapsed conservative called David Brock.
Brock wrote a couple of volumes which incited the famous lawsuit by Paula Jones against ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton. Somehow Brock performed a full 180 degree turn after this and founded his new enterprise.

It is not for me to comment and I could not possibly say why a committed conservative would then found an organisation that scrutinised all conservative media, essentially to dig up any dirt on the right wing faction of America. Let’s just say that the road to Damascus is a slippery, winding thing and leave it at that.

So where did he get his money from, this kind of project needs funding obviously, you need researchers scanning all media for tit bits, you need people to collate all this information, you need tech savvy people to produce all of this and so forth.

Well, he got really lucky, you see there was this guy called John Podesta who offered him office space in one of his facilities. Hillary Clinton invited some selected donors to her home in Chappaqua to meet the new David and eventually he was able to leave Mr Podesta’s tender care to set up offices in a very exclusive part of Washington with a multi-million dollar budget and close to 100 employees.

Some of the donors included Leo Hindery, a media mogul who was also an economic advisor to Obama in 2008 and helped with Hillary’s 2016 failed campaign.
There was also Susie Tompkins Buell who made her fortune in the clothing industry, North Face and Esprit amongst others. Susie is a ‘soulmate’ of our Hillary and even went so far as funding a campaign to assist women who could come forward with sexual allegations against Trump in his 2016 campaign.

In case you’re thinking David got really lucky with such charming new friends he also received funding from James Hormel, like David he is gay and was Bill Clinton’s appointed US ambassador to Luxembourg, not the radio station, the country, the country with all those banks that ‘do things’, why would Clinton put a close friend in Luxembourg, with all those banks, as an ambassador? You’ve got me there, haven’t a clue.

David has been really lucky so far, he has about $2 million in donations, can it get better than that? You betcha, there are some nice people at MoveOn.org, founded to finance Bill Clinton’s impeachment defence in 1998, they probably had a bit of loose change over to help David out. MoveOn have over 250 active councils across the USA, a nice little network of agitators.

There is also funding from Simon Rosenberg’s New Democrat Network who helped with Bill’s campaigns and also John Kerry’s 2004 failed bid. I’m spoiling you with all these donors, aren’t I? Have I missed anyone out? Well, in 2010 someone called George Soros declared a donation of $1 million, just because he could and also because Fox News were being a bit out of order and inciting violence.
George has always been against violence don’t you know, he’s a much respected philanthropist.

I’m beginning to see why David might have seen the light, why the poacher turned gamekeeper, there were further donations from Soros’ bodies, the Tides Foundation, Democracy Alliance, the Center for American Progress and including our old friend MoveOn.org. You’ll recall that last one was for Clinton’s impeachment and mentioned previously. Funny how it all goes around, Podesta, Soros, the Clintons, it’s a really small globalist world.

David said only about 10% of his funds come from George but I think he protests too much, indeed Ambassador Soros you spoil us.
Out of his Damascene moment, his little garage project, David managed an income, in 2013, of $12,549,513 with expenses of $11,201,222 so even a tidy profit in there as well, after all the wages. All this info is on Wikipedia with various links. I didn’t bother checking what the post Trump income is but a wild guess would be quite a bit higher, difficult times require extra funding as we all know.

If you lift up that little boulder in the garden you will see all the little crawling things beneath it and you will recognise nearly all of them. Somebody decides to shit post on an itty-bitty USA site and there they all are scurrying around.

In truth their unpaid one-line foot soldiers are just the usual, useful idiots who parrot the party line, they know no better. What it does expose though is just a tiny piece of the swamp, this is one tiny corner of the brave new Soros world.

Guess what, new world, same as the old world, the little ants scurry around to their master’s voice whilst those on top of the pile call the shots and count their loot. Meet the new boss, dummies.

My conclusion is this, we may disparage, we may laugh at the inherent stupidity of the left but the danger is that we ignore what it achieves. This is the important part, we have nothing like it, consider that for the moment, just in relation to the UK. Forget Brexit et al, just in domestic terms of political activity, in terms of positions of strength, of power and control, the right have achieved the total sum of fuck all.

Where are our activists, our networks, our dirty tricks department? All too complacent, where is our Soros, don’t tell me Aaron Banks please, he’s just playing, is he funding anything constructive?
TR, one man band, just like Farage and his UKIP before he jumped ship. The right rely on their righteousness, how can we fail, we are right, bullshit, we don’t prepare, we don’t scheme, we just sunbathe because we are right.

Soros may be a cancer but he has spread from the rectum, through the bowels, the kidneys, the liver, the pancreas and he is heading north to take everything else. Our schools, our hospitals, our public sector, our civil service, our government all slowly succumb to the cancer, but it’s all OK, we are right.

Solution, forget politicians sorting this out, we know that’s a very long game, if it ever happens. There has to be a MediaMatters set up here, of course, it needs donors but mostly it needs activists, people who will put together all the dirt, all the failures of the left and present them coherently.

Through social media, through websites, through an organised citizen’s voice. No splinter groups, no political affiliations at this stage, we are already seeing the post Brexit right fragmenting, all the various groups who can’t decide what colour socks to wear on Tuesdays. That is not the way forward and it never will be.

Imagine all the Twitter right wing, all the online right wing activists, all with the same information to hand, all speaking at the same time, think how many people that would reach, how many it would influence, people don’t need much motivating now, there is so much palpable anger already, this could be a turning point, we can’t let this go by, not now.

We need people from this site and from others to get together, little acorns I know, the alternative is to do nothing, just bitch and get even more depressed, change nothing or do something?

If you want to contact me via Bob I will try to put some initial ideas together, some basic plans and we can go from there, there are a lot of us and many with time on our hands. We can actually make a small dent in all this and maybe even get more lucky than that, or we can just go on bitching and shit posting.

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