The Putrid Remnants of the British Left

Death by Identity Politics

There’s been lots of talk of Nazis of late. Lots of hate talk, hate speech and hatefulness. Fascists and the far right and, and, racists.

That kind of Nazi talk gets press! Trump’s a Nazi, Soubry’s a Nazi, Tommy Robinson’s a Nazi and so is Count Dankula. Everyone, everywhere is a Nazi and they voted to leave the EU. And Nazis are bad and racist.

It’s all rather confusing to the everyday person who thinks that politics is about class and tax and welfare and the budget and VAT and the duty on beer and strikes and energy and jobs and unemployment and stuff like that. Now it’s Nazi and racist and homophobe and transgender children and pregnant terrorists and Trump’s hate and Tommy Robinson, (real name Steven Yaxley Lennon) and Grooming and female genital mutilation and stuff like that.

Politics used to be different. Ideas about a better society and the best way to achieve prosperity, health and wellbeing. Different views about how to achieve that, visionary patriots with different theories and visions of how to achieve a better future for Britain with a bit of Hayek vs Keynes thrown in. Not anymore.

“I have a dream…” a man once said, “that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character,” I learned that when I was young and it seemed reasonable to me, though I didn’t understand what he really meant – I was born after he said it. What’s skin colour got to do with it? Character content is surely what matters? Why does this even need saying?

Not anymore. There’s been a lot of talk about skin colour. Today it seems that the prevailing message delivered by the LibLabCon, TV and radio and especially our schools, is that skin colour is everything. Hue matters a lot and most especially to the Labour Party. Stacey Dooley is far too white to go to Africa, the professors in our Universities are also too white (too male too) and white people shouldn’t demean Africans with their charity. David Lammy and Megan Markle tell us these things and their words are inarguable because the skin pigmentation and genderfluidity acceptance makes them unchallengeable. The Royal family needed to diversify their skin tone range too as a message to the entire world that skin colour matters. Character?… …not so much. Other than acceptance that climate change will kill us, skin colour is the most important characteristic by which to judge an individual. White men don’t feature anymore (some get a pass if they’re homosexual or climate change Armageddonistas) and being a normal English bloke I must now content myself with my new political epithet thrust upon me by the putrid remnants of the British Left – “Far Right Nazi”.

After WWII, The National Socialist German Workers Party was written by the history writers, for brevity no doubt, as ‘Nazi’ and so the evils perpetrated by the 4th Reich that followed were disassociated from the socialist origins which gave birth to the horror. Through control of language and academia the left including the British Left ensured that new generations of British children were not educated about the development of Socialism and its results. Whether in Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba and latterly Venezuela, consistently the results of political disasters are not related to their cause – Socialism. History, it is said, is written by the victors. It isn’t though. It’s written by the academics in universities. The book shapers, storers, sharers and editors.

Nationalism was not the defining characteristic of the true Nazis – the Germans, defeated by my grandfather’s generation over 70 years ago. They were imperialist authoritarians, dividing people by race, demeaning people for their political dissent, burning books and controlling what is said and written. If there are Nazis alive today, I haven’t seen or met them. That 17.4 million of them suddenly appeared in 2016 is strange… …I haven’t changed, but my label has. I’m a far right Nazi, especially because I’m an anti-authoritarian small government, individual liberty advocate and activist.

Politics has changed. In my political interactions with political opponents, I am not judged by the content of my character or expressed reasoned opinion, but by the colour of my white skin and my maleness. Evidently I am an oppressor, though I can’t remember who I’ve oppressed. The Labour Party now disregards character completely. There is a Labour hierarchy of characteristics and skin colour is one of the most important. So is sexuality and sex. Women trump men, Trans trump women (which is a get-out clause for some men), black trumps white but brown trumps black, mostly. Yellow don’t count – there’s too few and they hate communists anyway. Jews are OK if they hate Israel, but Muslims trump Jews. For the many not the few, for the Muslim not the Jew. For the many Muslims not the few Jews… …or something, it’s rather hard to keep up. There used to be something good in Labour, I think, though I may just have been brainwashed to believe that.

A force for good? Not anymore. The Labour Party has become something to be studied, observed, analysed as it approaches death. For it has become a strange mass psychosis, trapped in a linguistic world inaccessible to normal people with common sense and a typical working family life. Jew hatred, censorship of political opposition, online persecution (the modern day book burning), street violence and youth movements (Antifa, Hope not Hate, Stand up to racism, Socialist Workers Party, Momentum) cult leadership and the promotion of cult behaviour, all in the pursuit of power.

“Accuse the opposition of that which you are guilty…” a German propagandist once said, and did. I regard myself as just a normal bloke. I may catch the label ‘Far Right Nazi’ (I did at Lewisham East, by the assembled Antifa/Labour thugs), but I am no such thing. Having taken control of media and education incrementally over the preceding 70 years the evolved message of the left clashes with basic notions of decency, normality and common sense. It has lost the real war of ideas and is now fighting a different battle, a psychological one.

The Labour Party’s strategic reaction? Stifling free speech, demonising political opponents, promoting censorship online, banning people from speaking, intimidating people through social media platforms, intimidating people in public through their street thugs and developing a cult following among the youth with a promise of Utopia on the horizon. Will voters continue to vote for this idealess and dangerous putrid corpse?

The political world and technology has changed. Human nature and tactics haven’t.

© James Dalton 2019, Democrats & Veterans Party, for Direct Democracy.

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