Marching to Leave – Days 1, 2 & 3

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this so far and what fun it has been meeting everyone. Today I realised one of the guys I had been drinking with and talking to is none other than ‘Roger Tallbloke’ of Tallbloke’s Talkshop, someone I’ve known of for many years being interested in the climate debate. Please visit to give him the pageviews if nothing  else. Roger was raided by the police as his site was used to drop links to in ‘Climategate2’, not only a tall bloke, a good one, he also does organising for Leave Means Leave in the N Yorks area (IIRC).


Swiss Bob, Going Postal
Tommy is a statue of a First World War soldier by artist Ray Lonsdale, displayed close to Seaham war memorial, on Terrace Green by the seafront in Seaham, County Durham. Photo credit Mark

The start in Sunderland was a little chaotic, mostly due to Nigel Farage being there, the press of course, and remainers demonstrating so after some messing about NF headed off at speed to lose them. Weather was foul, rain and wind, the route was mostly cross country along the coastal path, muddy and uneven surfaces. I didn’t take any pictures, partly because I always forget and partly it was chucking it down and I wanted to keep my phones dry. I made it to mile ten and then hopped aboard the support bus, I do want to be there at the end so no point killing yourself the first few days. We have already lost a few for various reasons but they are being replaced from the list of people who didn’t make the cut.


The hotel wasn’t quite as luxurious the second night but nothing to complain about. We went to a local pub for dinner and had an early night before setting off for Middlesbrough the next day. Glorious sunshine but cold and still windy. I made all of it except the last 2.5 miles, back and feet were killing me. Lots of support from the public up here with people coming out to see us and beeping their car horns as they passed. Further south it may be a little different.

Swiss Bob, Going Postal
The Tees Newport Bridge is a vertical-lift bridge spanning the River Tees a short distance upriver from Tees Transporter Bridge, linking Middlesbrough with the borough of Stockton-on-Tees, in the northeast of England; it was completed in 1934. It no longer lifts, but still acts as a road bridge in its permanently down position.
Swiss Bob, Going Postal
Seal Sands is a 294.37 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest in Cleveland, England, notified in 1966. Situated in the mouth of the River Tees next to Greatham Creek and Seaton-on-Tees Channel, and accessible from the A178 road running between Seaton Carew and Port Clarence.
Swiss Bob, Going Postal
Richard Tice and the crew


This was a shortish leg but not particularly easy, the verges on ‘A’ roads are not much fun to walk on but we ended the walk at a pub, so all good. The first one I completed. Getting fitter, no aches and pains at the end of today.

Swiss Bob, Going Postal
Swiss Bob arriving in Swainby. Photo credit Mark

Tomorrow Aldfield to Wetherby, which I have just checked and seen is eighteen miles, I may be needing the support bus again. I wish I had time to write more but dinner calls and I have more posts to lay up if you’re going to have anything to read/comment on the next few days

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