Marching on Parliament

March to Leave

Swiss Bob, Going Postal
Richard Tice of Leave Means Leave

The last day. It’s been some adventure, more on that later.

Today is the big day, after 13 days marching from Sunderland we are in London and today we march on Parliament. I hope as many of you as possible will be joining me.

On that note, you will not be able to march with me, I will be up front and cordoned off by security. You will no doubt be able to see me on TV, woohoo, and see the Swiss flag I will be flying, I will probably not have the IoM flag as it will be too cumbersome to fly both. I hear that there will be a puffin flag so rally to that, alternatively there’s usually a puffin on a pole somewhere, you can also use the comments to keep in touch with each other.

Check the LML Twitter and FB pages for details of the start, or use your phones as the media should be covering us quite extensively, you may wish to join us somewhere along the route, or just head for Parliament Sq. There will be speeches at the end and I may be up there on the podium with the other core marchers, I say may as I might disappear for the dinner in W London if it starts getting late.

Swiss Bob

PS Looking forward to the dinner afterwards.