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I was surfing the internet, this time with both hands, and I came across a couple of those click-bait things you see from time to time, where it does look interesting to read.  Anyway, I did find some of these things quite fascinating, so I have collated them for your convenience.

You Should Throw Away the Cotton in Your Pill Bottles

Believe it or not, that little ball of cotton that comes in your bottle of pills, which is there to keep pills safe during shipping, is meant to be removed. It can collect moisture because of its absorbent nature, which makes your pills deteriorate faster.

Claudette Colvin was the first black woman not to give up her seat to a white woman on a bus, not Rosa Parks.

Parks was Secretary for the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) at the time and when Colvin’s actions hit the news the NAACP thought the tactic was a great way to bring eyes and ears to their cause. Since Colvin was merely a child (15 years old) they didn’t want to seem like they were exploiting her so they chose Parks as the “face of the movement”. When Rosa Parks boarded the bus that day it was under instruction to refuse to give up her seat in the front of the bus; copying Colvin’s actions and refocusing the attention on an adult who was better suited to handle the media attention and interviews.

You’re Tallest First Thing in the Morning

Intervertebral disks between your vertebra are filled with water. Over the course of a day, the weight of your body causes the water to diffuse out of the disks, and you can lose up to an inch in height by the time you go to bed at night. At night, while you’re sleeping, water can diffuse back into the disks.  So, if you’re feeling a bit on the short side, measure yourself when you first wake up.

Wikipedia Is Downloadable

You can actually download the entirety of Wikipedia and keep it on a USB drive. Here’s the link

The Smell After It Rains Has a Name

It’s called petrichor. It comes from an oil plants exude that dries on the ground. When it rains, the oil combines with a by-product from a type of bacteria to produce the smell.

Sleeping in a Cold Room Will Help You Slim Down

Just a single month of sleeping in a 66-degree room helped increase subjects’ fat-burning ability by as much as 10 percent, according to research.

i.e. and e.g. Are Not the Same Thing

i.e. is an abbreviation of “id est,” which means “that is,” but you can remember what it means with the phrase “in essence.” e.g., on the other hand, stands for exempli gratia, which means “for the sake of example,” but can easily be remembered as “example given.”

The sites you see when you Google for something are different from what others see if they Google for the same thing.

Google builds a user profile and shows you sites that align with what you previously clicked on. As time goes on, this positive reinforcement makes you think the world agrees with your ideas more than it actually does.

Ctrl+Shift+T restores your closed tabs in Chrome, and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T restores entire closed windows.

Humans do, in fact, use 100% of their brain.

Just not all at the same time. That would result in a seizure.

In Iceland, it’s hard to come up with a creative name for a newborn.

A government committee prevents parents from giving babies names it deems too weird.  The name of the committee is call Mannanafnanefnd.

The best man’s original purpose

Was to serve as an accomplice in case the bride needed to be kidnapped from disapproving parents.  Meanwhile, the bridesmaid tradition started because people believed that dressing everyone up in the same clothing would confuse evil spirits.

Car Fuel Tank – Which Side

Most cars have an arrow on the fuel gauge that tells you what side of the car the gas tank is on.

Vikings didn’t actually have horns on their helmets.

The image of a Viking with a horned helmet is from a 1876 production of Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen.”

Largest Air Force

The largest air force in the world is the US Air Force.  The second largest air force in the world is the US Navy.

What else can you use Viagra for?

Viagra makes flowers stand up straight. Added to a vase with water, the pill will prolong their shelf life for up to a week.

Other snippets:

When a male bee climaxes, their testicles explode then they die.

All of the gold mined in the history of the world would more or less fit into a 20 x 20 x 20 meter cube.

Half of all humans who have ever lived, died from malaria.

A pig’s orgasm lasts 30 minutes.

A pencil has the potential to draw a line 38 miles long.

1 human sperm has 37.5 MB of DNA information in it. That means a normal ejaculation (about 10cc) represents a data transfer of 1587 GB in about 3 seconds.

On average, you will spend 92 days sitting on the toilet during your lifetime.

The Star Trek theme song actually has lyrics – Star-Trek-Lyrics

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