Never Appease the Left

Why we must stand firm against the left and sjws

The other day many people chose to rage at Mike Cernovich. He sent an inflammatory tweet which set off many people. Triggered them, if you like. Instead of sperging out, I chose to read Mike’s tweet again and think about it carefully.

Now, Cernovich is a master at the art of trolling. The tweet was designed to stir people up, while at the same time make a point. It achieved both aims. The West, the Right and so-called Christianity has been giving in to the Left for decades. There has been a continual and steady drip-drip effect. From the march of common purpose through our institutions, control of the media, censorship, the latest Facecrime by the Covington Kids in the USA, the Left and the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) have been slowly changing the world, to suit their worldview and reshape it in their own image. And it isn’t pretty.

Oh dear. Decades ago this would have been met with derision, outrage, cries about child welfare. Questions would have been asked about why an 11 year-old was dancing in front of adult audiences, regardless of drag, sexuality, etc. Now, for many people, it is either barely noticed, or indeed it is encouraged. How did this happen? The Left and the SJWs have a standard set of methods. They are simple but effective.

They include creating a victim narrative, that someone is somehow oppressed and only they can help them. They also use the tactic of taking a cornerstone of Western culture and deciding it has to be removed or changed. Anyone who disagrees is labelled backward, regressive or a bigot. For example, tearing down statutes of long dead white men, or vandalising war memorials, or calling Churchill a war criminal or a white supremacist. It is no accident. It is targeted to destroy your history and culture.

The other tactic, which anyone on social media will be aware of, is to pick on someone who has committed Thoughtcrime or Badspeak by challenging the narrative, the ever shifting SJW worldview of what is and isn’t acceptable. Anyone who transgresses is branded a fascist, Nazi, or the ubiquitous and nebulous “far-right.” This allows them to push the Overton Window and boundaries on what is acceptable ever further leftwards. Simple, but it undeniably works.

For an example, I posted this in the comments section (I know no-one reads them) of Going Postal recently. This is a look at how the abortion debate has progressed, as Christianity and the Right continually failed to stand against it.

“I totally disagree with abortion.”

“Alright, it’s okay at 15 weeks.”

“Okay 20 weeks.”

“Maybe 24 weeks is okay?”

“Just before birth? Pushing it a bit, but hey, a woman’s right to choose.”

“Abortion after birth? That’s crazy! How the fuck did this happen?”

…sometime later…

“Okay, so maybe after birth is okay. After all, I don’t want to be called a Nazi…”

Never appease the left and the SJWs. They will never stop. Nothing will ever be enough. They will take everything. If you stand up to them, they will scream the house down shouting Nazi, fascist, etc and try and get you de-platformed and ostracized. But you must resist. Once you start cucking, you will never stop. They know you will give in. Cernovich was right about the so-called “Christian” churches. They are cucked and keep on cucking. They sold out the Covington Catholic school kids, who were on a pro-life march, within minutes. Below is the result, not just of this, but of decades of failure.


© Jonathon Davies 2019

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