Despicable May

A Statesman Speaks

James Dalton, Going Postal

Political anoraks have a very busy life. Politics is in turmoil, nationally and internationally. The difficulties in sifting the relevant from the irrelevant, locating the signal amongst the noise of TV, radio and social media is real and for the anorak, a challenge. There was a clear signal recently. Did you catch it? It shows just how despicable the actions of our Government and the journalists  (especially those at  the BBC) have been under Theresa May tenureship. Despicable May!

What we hear, see and read about the impending exit from the EU is selected for us by a narrow band of editorial controllers. ‘Project Fear’ as it has now become widely known, is an age old propaganda tactic of demoralising people to become compliant with an ideological goal. Their goal is to remain in the EU. The demoralisation comes from the ‘crash out’ and ‘cliff edge’ of no food, medicine, travel or business. Of all the fearmongering demoralisation stories, perhaps the nastiest is the narrative about prescription drugs and their availability. Vulnerable people being told that they will not have access to their medicines by liars who are prepared to cause real distress in real people to pursue an anti-democratic end. It really is inhuman.

Where are the voices of reason and common sense? The voices of those who voted to leave the EU and won that battle, that inspiring expression of Direct Democracy. “We the People”, indeed! Where are these voices? One might be forgiven for believing they don’t really exist. Forgiven for thinking the 17.4m votes were but a dream, an aparition.

Theses voices do exist.

How easy it is to slip into cynicism. The statesmen are hidden from us, in plain sight. Steve Baker MP should be a warning to those who comfort themselves in the knowledge that politicians are all the same: liars and pole climbers  – a warning to the cynic. It is easy to suffocate from cynicism. The oxygen of publicity is actively denied to ‘Leavers’, ‘Brexiteers’ are offered no air. The mainstream media give that oxygen to Project Fear pushers and the public are denied access to common sense and principles that would encourage, by example, a civil approach to political interaction within the electorate. So the media amplify the noise, drown the signal and cynicism has spread as has the anger that accompanies it..

Our government is broken, yes. Steve Baker admits this in the evidence given to the HoC European Scrutiny Committee. The evidence is fascinating and revealing. I applaud Steve Baker for his forthright temperate manner, his openness, fortitude and prudence.

For anoraks, commentators, pundits and journalists who are truly looking to sift the truth from the lies, find the signal to drown out the noise – from one anorak to another, take 70minutes of your time to listen to Steve Baker’s evidence…

What is revealed by Steve Baker, you can determine for yourselves. For me, it is a confirmation that our government culture is wrong, self-serving and in need of overhaul.

I hope I am wrong, but this evidence from Steve Baker will be given little attention by the corrupt media and few people will ever hear the damning words relating to the undermining actions of our Government since the vote to leave the EU. The evidence should be compulsory viewing for all political commentators – any of them who offer up opinion relating to Brexit should be asked if they have watched this evidence and their opinion dismissed until such a time that they have.

Scepticism is imperative, and cynicism dangerous. We should be thankful of the good people who are ‘in the game’, fighting for an independent, united United Kingdom. To see such good people, again, I recommend you take time to watch the committee hearing.

© James Dalton 2019, Democrats & Veterans Party, for Direct Democracy.

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