Brexit and Beyond!

One Step Closer for the Europe of Nations

James Dalton, Going Postal
Gavin Felton (Democrats & Veterans Party Chairman) with Foundation for a Europe of Nations and Freedom Group (FENF) host  Janice Atkinson MEP (Independent)

To those who lead the UK out of the EU, remember: We are trailblazers, up to who the rest of the world will be looking. We cannot let them down beyond Brexit!

Gathering together from around Europe, those who see that liberty can only be saved by establishing a Europe of Nations and Freedom, shared views and acquaintance during a two day event 22-23rd February 2019 in London. Thank you Janice Atkinson (Independent MEP) for the hosting the event on behalf of Foundation for a Europe of Nations and Freedom Group of the EU Parliament and for the invitation.

Janice Atkinson MEP (Ind),  James Delingpole (Journalist), Gavin Felton (Chairman Democrats & Veterans Party), Gerard Batten MEP (UKIP – Party Leader) and Ewan Stewart (Economist – Global Britain) represented the British contingent with Georg Mayer MEP (Freedom Party – Austria) , Nicolas Bay (National Rally – France)  Gilles Lebreton (National Rally – France) amongst our European friends in attendance.

James Dalton, Going Postal

Speaking on behalf of the Democrats & Veterans Party and on the subject of EU military unification, Gavin Felton (Party Chairman) explained the real dangers and threats posed by the ongoing pursuit of a United States of Europe complete with its own military. Gavin reminded us of the cooperative relationships with our historic allies, principally the USA,  through NATO that has served us well and he gave an inside perspective of what it means for those who swear the oath and commit to serving Queen and country.  Sobering is the thought of foreign bureaucrats having control of UK nuclear capabilities, or a veto on the UK protecting overseas territories such as the Falklands. Who would vote for transferring command and control of their country’s military to foreign powers?

James Dalton, Going Postal

James Delingpole in his usual engaging style spoke of the potential of prosperity after leaving the EU and embracing independence, of free markets and minimised tariffs and of the freedoms afforded to sovereign nations acting in the interests of their electorates, though he suggested that any UK government would likely spurn our opportunities.

Gerard Batten spoke of the current political shenanigans in the UK and predicted a full betrayal of the Leave vote by Theresa May with a last minute ‘Brexit in name only’ deal pushed through the House to enshackle the UK to the ECJ and the EU.

Ewan Stewart gave an excellent presentation, regularly and repeatedly presented by many economists over the preceding years – yet in need of repeating now, louder and more often. The foundational conceptual structural economic flaws in the Euro and ECB were explained well and simply.

James Dalton, Going Postal

(Also on Friday, an very interesting ‘must read’ article was published on the ‘Facts4EU’ website  detailing legal actions by the EU against the UK government in respect of the security of the UK energy supply, further acknowledging that the WA as presented by Theresa May’s Government, is in effect ‘A Remain Agreement’.)

The inspiration afforded to other patriotic freedom lovers from Austria and France from the UK’s vote to leave the EU was expressed by Georg, Nicolas and Gilles. We in the UK need to not lose sight of or contact with our fellow liberty lovers who will still be shackled to the EU project after the UK leaves. When the UK leaves, 27 countries will be left in the EU. In the interests of all the peoples of those countries, it is essential that we continue cooperating with those who see peace in Europe being maintained through sovereign nations asserting their independence from the centralised political and corporate controllers in the European Commission.

The British voters started something in 2016, something real and good and not just for the UK. The future is indeed bright once we have severed political and legal ties with the EU and the ECJ – a ‘No Deal Brexit’ is needed.

Leading by example – this is what Britain does. This is what Britain is known for and why our country is looked up to, despite what our own mainstream media would have us believe. Embracing our independence and prospering through it is precisely what will give support to and embolden our colleagues in France, Austria, Poland, Spain, Italy and all the other countries of the EU in their ongoing fights for their freedom and their sovereignty.

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