Why Catholics are ‘Fair Game’

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James Dalton, Going Postal

Fakenews is a strange thing. It’s falsehoods, it’s lies, it’s misrepresentation, it’s omission, it is many things, but rather than define the term by its characteristics and presentation, it is easier to conceptualise what fake news is by considering its purpose.

The purpose of fakenews is mind control. – Shaping how the consumer of the fakenews will feel and what she will believe.

If you hadn’t yet gathered – you’re supposed to feel animosity toward Christians and Christianity. Yes. Christians and Christianity are bad. Catholics most of all are ‘Fair Game’.

Clearly the menace of many aspects of Catholicism has been identified by ‘leading journalists’ and this menace is being exposed by them, regularly. Where would we be without the likes of ITV, BBC, Channel 4 and the Guardian to warn us of this evil, this … …this Christianity?

So if you’re not up to speed, you’d best catch up!

A good example of how our fakenews media are demonising Catholics is given in the video clip below. In it, Piers Morgan (who claims to be ‘Catholic’) and Susanna Reid expose to the nation how this 5th Columnist Christian (Jacob Rees Mogg MP) would be a danger if he were to become Prime Minister – because of his extremist views. The unheard of belief that marriage is no business of the state and is the union of one man and one woman surely renders him unfit for high office, obviously, in the eyes of ITV?  As for his distaste at the wholesale state facilitated killing of the most vulnerable humans – unborn children, how is this tolerable? Note the real menace (from 4.00mins)! What a monster!

We should also be thankful of celebrities and news journalists stateside. “Covington” has been put on the map. Did you notice? Yet again Catholic Christians have been exposed in the Media – this time in the USA. Following their involvement in a ‘Right to Life’ March in Washington DC in early January, the pupils of a Catholic school from Kentucky were assembled near the Lincoln memorial waiting for their bus to start them on their journey home. The audacity of it! Young white boys from a Catholic school having the temerity to assemble, some with red hats on and worst of all, smiling faces! Facecrimes indeed, and the US News media ran with it, exposing these facecrimes to the nation.

James Dalton, Going Postal
The photo that spawned outpourings of mass hatred towards child

Fortunately, a number of activists were on hand to assist the media in exposing these children for what they were – white and Catholic. Firstly, five members of the ‘Black Hebrew Israelites’ reminded these Catholic children over the course of many minutes how evil they were.

The Black Hebrew Israelites are a small group of racist extremists. They had occupied their day throwing racist abuse at Native American Indians, condemning them for their false prophets, mocking them for their grievances  “Why ain’t you talking to the Peckerwood… …you’re an Uncle Tomahawk, you’re all a bunch of Uncle Tomahawks. Why don’t you crack the head of that peckerwood with that Make America Great Again hat?” was a snippet of the advice aimed at the assembled protesting Native Americans.

“You lil’ dirty ass crackers, yo day is comin’…” said one Black Hebrew Israelite adult to the assembled children. “Look at all these dusty assed crackers…”. There was more.

Also handily present for the media was 30 year veteran left wing activist Nathan Philips, with his drum. Interjecting on the racist assault directed at the Catholic children, this (rather older) Native American, rather than confronting the abusive racist adults present, approached the children. He chanted, beating his drum in a somewhat confrontational manner within inches of a rather confused 15 year old boy sporting a red hat bearing the words ‘Make America Great’. The News media had their pictures, they had their anti-white anti-Catholic story and they ran with it. “Racist Trump supporting Catholic white supremacist confronts angelic native American elder.” Perfect.

Fakenews, completely untrue, but perfect. A full expose of how the media used these Catholic schoolchildren as a tool to promote their political agenda can be found here .

As the News broadcasters CNN, NBC, the NYT, MSNBC and the usual suspects have the good of the people in mind; their reports from the scene went viral for 24 hours without mention of the activities of the Black Hebrew Israelites and their racist protestation, or mention of the 30 year career in Left wing activism of ‘elder’ Nathan Philips. Presenting Nathan Philips as a Vietnam war veteran (he isn’t) and a ‘victim’ of racist white supremacists (children), the ‘Covington Kids’ became overnight pariahs, famous, infamous.

Why? Why the lies from what in most people’s eyes are trusted news sources? Why the distortion of events to paint a picture demonising innocent children and protecting racist adults and paid adult actors (or however Nathan Philips can be described). The retractions from the News media followed as video footage of the events became widely available and shared. The potential  consequences  of costly litigation produced an avalanche of apologies to the ‘Covington Kids’ from many who had slandered threatened libelled and condemned them on the basis of Fakenews and their own predisposition for the hatred of white Christian boys. Yet the consumers consumed the story and there will be many who believe that an old Native American elder was bullied and harassed by Trump supporting white supremacist Catholic fascists.

Why the media frenzy? Why the Catholic hatred?

The answer to these questions may well be revealed by another upcoming event. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a famous Cultural Marxist and abortion advocate. She sits on the Supreme Court in the USA, is 85 years old and is very poorly. She has not been seen in public this year and has been absent from her chair at the Supreme Court.

Despite the best attempts of Nancy Pelosi the Democrat Leader of the House (of Representatives), the State of the Union address by the President of the USA will go ahead next week. Supreme Court Justices traditionally occupy front row seats when the SOTU speech is given. Will Ruth Bader Ginsberg be there?

Her imminent replacement on the Supreme Court will be selected by the POTUS.  The media is owned and funded by proponents of eugenics and abortion and will be pulling out all the stops to prevent a ‘pro-life judge’ becoming a Supreme Court Justice. This is why the demonisation of Catholics is ramping up – the Christian stance against the normalisation and promotion of abortion and the wide public agreement with their position on the sanctity of life. The media demonised the last SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh and one of the tools they used was his being a church-going Christian. We’ll soon be watching a Kavanaugh re-run and Catholics are about to find out all over again how evil the Democrats and their media think they are holding their belief that life begins at conception.

My guess?

The proposed new Supreme Court Justice nominee will be a Catholic. She will be criticised by the media for her Catholicism and skin colour, because they won’t be able to attack her for her toxic masculinity or her male privilege. Democrats on the Senate Committee will grill her about her Catholicism and views on abortion. She will be vilified by the media for her faith and the media consumers will be predisposed to think ill of her because fake news works and in 2019 in the Western World, muslims, atheists and buddhists are ‘in vogue’, whereas Catholics are ‘Fair Game’.

© James Dalton 2019, Democrats & Veterans Party, for Direct Democracy. dvparty.uk

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