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‘Deal or No Deal’?

James Dalton, Going Postal

We should leave the EU at 2300 hrs on 29th of March 2019 without a deal… …Do you agree?

The reasons why the best course of action is for the UK to leave the EU without a ‘deal’ in March are mounting and the minor stations of the media and niche websites are awash with these reasons. The major TV channels and radio stations are awash with claims that a ‘No Deal’ is akin to falling off a cliff, entering the unknown: an impending Armageddon. The saturation of opinion, repeated talking points and soundbites only serves to compound a sense of division in the country. This sense of division has been fed by the prevarication of our MPs, with growing frustration and anger at the delays in moving on from the Referendum decision. The nation voted to leave the EU in 2016 and the Conservative Party was returned to Government in the 2017 GE where both it and the Labour Party campaigned on manifestos promising to implement the people’s vote to leave the EU.

How has the Conservative Government fared?

A competent Government would already have trade deals negotiated with willing, stable democratic nation states across the globe. Immediately following the 2016 referendum many countries were making public noises towards the UK of future relationships and agreements on trade. Nations such as South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. The USA has also publicly expressed their desire to engage with an independent UK since the election of Donald Trump. The US is a long time and natural ally and also the most significant world trading partner for the short, medium and long term. The nations which are homes to 93% of the world beyond the protectionist EU trading block is where diplomatic efforts must surely have been best directed? How has our Government been nurturing relationships with these and other future partners?

With a competent Government, trade deals would be ready to sign and honed to our trading needs in the spirit of open, free and mutually beneficial co-operation. With the uncountable (and unaccountable?) army of civil service employees, doing whatever they do, surely by March 30th many, many bipartisan agreements will be signed off and businesses allowed to get on with providing low cost products to the UK markets?

We are where we are. The EU has no desire and is politically committed to frustrate and disrupt the severance of sovereign ties with the UK. We should never bend the knee to foreign powers with ill intent.

Leaving with no deal immediately makes the UK £39,000 million better off. It’s a lot of money. This amounts to £60,000,000 for every parliamentary constituency. Just consider how much good work £60 million could do in your local area.

Once we are out of the EU without a deal, our negotiating hand on a goal of minimal tariff trade with countries of the EU is strengthened. In other words, we can negotiate from a stronger position once we have left – the balance of trade dictates that ‘they need us more than we need them’. At the same time and as a stop-gap,  we can determine a bespoke approach to tariff levels under WTO rules designed to suit our economic realities and British consumer and producer interests.

Right now the UK needs strong leadership willing to embrace the clear benefits of a clean ‘no deal’ break with the EU. Little evidence of such leadership can be found, little sign of a patriotic voice extolling the virtues of our nation, commanding respect of its people or embracing and reasserting our natural and historic standing as a proud nation in the world.

The hyperbole of ‘Project Fear’ has become a daily drone from the TV and radio to the British public. We are the United Kingdom, a resilient country that has negotiated much more problematic hurdles than unstitching a bureaucratic entanglement.

The potential short term bumps in the road to independence are merely a temporary transient pain that will precede a brighter, sustainable and more prosperous future.

No Deal. Bring it on.

© James Dalton 2019, Democrats & Veterans Party, for Direct Democracy.

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