The Rosa Klebbs of the Communist World

As you start to look around at the history of the Communists, one thing hits you fairly and squarely between the eyes. The women who were heavily involved were almost always munters. Here is a list of shining examples,  roughly in date order, a veritable rogues gallery of losers. They also seemed to put it about a bit, there is a theory that less attractive members of the human race are more likely to share their favours because they never know when the next offer will come along. In fact you could even theorise that fanatical Communism is a result of sexual frustration, this would apply to both sexes , look at the tramp as an example because I am not convinced that he is anything other than a Communist.

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Rosa Luxemburg

Born in Poland Rosa, along with Karl Leibknecht, was a founder member of the Spartacus League. In 1919, the Spartacists tried to stage a revolution amidst the chaos of post WW1 Germany. The uprising was put down by the Freikorps who captured and executed the pair of them. She was then 47 years of age and her body was dumped into the Landwehr canal in Berlin.

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La Pasionara, Isidora Dolores Ibárruri Gómez

La Pasionara was involved in the Spanish Civil War. Her famous slogan was “No pasaran” (they shall not pass) during the Battle for Madrid in 1936. A Communist her entire life she had to leave Spain when Franco took over. In 1977 , after his death, she retuned from Russia and was elected as a Communist MP via Spain’s proportional representation system. She died in 1989 at the age of 93, in her bed unlike the victims of Stalin for whom she had unlimited praise even after living in Moscow during the Great Terror.

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Litzi Friedmann

Litzi married Kim Philby in 1933 as a way to escape Austria. It is thought she was a great influence on his becoming a Communist. After reporting on the Spanish Civil War, Kim dropped her on his return to England. Litzi was a great friend of Edith Tudor-Hart who is next in the gallery.

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Edith Tudor-Hart (née Edith Suschitzky; 1908–1973)

Another Austrian who married an Englishman to get a passport and escape Austria. She was a photographer and supplied cameras for Soviet spies to film secret documents. She was also involved in recruiting some of the Cambridge Five. Her nephew Peter Suschitzky is these days a Director of Photography in the movie world.

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Melita Norwood

Melita has already featured as the spy who came in from the co-op. The longest serving Soviet spy in British history, she was unrepentant to the end and said she would do it all again. In the usual hypocritical style, she was a permanent fixture at CND while being of great assistance to the Soviets when it came to them creating their bomb. In munter terms she was not so bad when younger but it looks like the perpetual envy and hate of the lefties were detrimental to her looks.

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Elizabeth Bentley

One of the American Soviet spies and no oil painting. She was the lover of Jacob Golos, agent handler, who turned on the Soviets when she was overlooked for promotion at his death. She will be the subject of a future article here.

When the gorgeous Anne Chapman turned up a few years ago it was a source of delight for me. The Russians have upped their game immensely since the Cold War days.

The ways of the left will always be a mystery to me and long may it remain so. You can see what they get up to but it is not easy to figure out why. My suggested grounds of sexual frustration may well be the best reason anyone has found so far.

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