The Quisling Parliament

AKA EU Council - GB Region

“A Date Which Will Live in Infamy”

Vassal Status – Pay and Obey Without any Say

This week the betrayal of the British people will be both laid bare and complete. Given recent events we can only conclude that we now live in a police state where we are sheep to be shorn from birth until death. Fundamentally fascist because even the TPTB aren’t stupid enough to implement their preferred political ideology of communism, that doesn’t generate enough wealth to appropriate for palaces, private jets, wine cellars, exorbitant salaries and pensions.

I do wonder if Rory Stewart’s plan to empty prisons by not imprisoning/releasing anyone with a six month sentence may be paving the way for the new gulags. They’ll need somewhere to put those of us who dissent, either as ‘terrorists’, or because we are ‘mentally ill’. The tried and tested tools of oppressive regimes everywhere.

I am an Enemy of the State

Today a number of us will be in Parliament Sq. to demonstrate our disapproval, unfortunately I doubt that many will turn up, partly because it’s a working day and partly people just don’t care enough yet. Which is a shame because by the time the people do care enough we will have EU ‘tanks’ and heavily armed ‘police’ on the streets as in Paris and as I note above, plenty of prison spaces to bang up those the Government determines are ‘enemies of the state’.

The UK Establishment needs to be neutered, and the only way to do that is to implement direct democracy along Swiss lines. We must take the power from the hands of the corrupt and degenerate poltroons and mountebanks sat in Parliament and hand it to the British people. The alternative is slavery, comfortable slavery for some, but that’s how it works, willing slaves keeping the less willing in check on behalf of their paymasters.

You can bet good money if Dominic Grieve and his fellow travellers succeed he will be ‘retiring’ with his thirty pieces of silver as an EU commissioner, to a life of luxury with a multi million pound pension. Others will be rewarded with positions of power, money or both for their treason; it is a profitable ‘profession’ in the EU. It will be the end of the UK as a nation state.

Next. Part Two – What can we do?

Get a yellow vest, carry it with you in your pocket at all times and let’s bring new meaning to the phrase ‘flash mob’. The only thing these people/corporations will understand is when it hits them in the pocket. There is plenty more we can do without having to break the law. More later.

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