The Year 2018

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Tommy Robinson speaks at the Brexit March in Whitehall, 9th December 2018

With the year almost over and the Great British Brexit Betrayal almost done and dusted – apart from that little rebellion in the Tory party still waiting to be brushed away like a ghastly Ghetto uprising – it is time to ask and perhaps even to answer two questions: where are we now? And how the fuck did we get here?

Let’s start by considering the former: where are we now? Four trends stick out in my mind thinking of 2018:

  • The ongoing deterioration of safety and security in the capital as evidenced by the knife crime epidemic. About every other day now, someone gets stabbed fatally in the ganglands south of the river. And not only that: police have lost the public to the extent of being ridiculed when they fall prey to the conditions they have helped to create by their neglect of proper policing.
  • A continuous disregard for norms that make up a democratic society by the ruling “elite”. Not only is the public being blatantly lied to regarding the implementation of Brexit. Democratic norms have become de facto nonexistent since domestic dissidents get locked up in jail with a view to their physical extinction. And foreign nonconformists are barred from entering the UK altogether. While simultaneously, free speech that calls for further Islamisation goes unchallenged. The Law applies equally or not at all – not for the Home Office apparently where the fish rots from its head when it comes to government, Karachi style.
  • Further federalisation into EU institutions at the hands of a Tory government openly colluding with a foreign enemy that is eager to break up the UK’s territorial integrity. Despite the result of the 2016 referendum to leave the “European Union”, HMG prepares for joining an EU army. Staying in the Customs Union and the Single Market – both largely synonymous with staying in the EU – are now being sold as “Leaving” the EU. What’s more, unilaterally and without right of recall awarding ever more “judicial” power to Brussels is being passed off as “taking back control”. It is an utter travesty of reason.
  • Incremental infantilisation and idiotisation of the public via concepts such as “enrichment”, “diversity”, “gender”, “climate change” etcetera. The goal of propaganda is not only to make people believe that two and two is indeed five. It is above all to make them feel ashamed for realising the truth. Case in point: the so-called “Religion of Peace” which is obviously neither entirely peaceful nor a functioning religion. But another totalitarian political ideology besides Marxism and thusly instrumental to the self-appointed “elite” in politics and the media – as a convenient way of keeping us plebs in our place and waging the ongoing war of attrition against the body politic (both rhetorical and physical) should we misbehave or become a bit uppity.

To sum it up: at the hands of its elected representatives, Britain is undergoing a rapid shitholisation that dares not speak its name. A managed decline which is largely misdiagnosed or even endorsed by multiplicators in media and politics. Remember: it’s not only the crap they’re spouting that’d put any sane mind to the test – it’s having to accept utter lunacy as the holy gospel what’s wearing and tearing our culture down bit by bit.

There is a thin veneer of civilisation and consideration – good manners and polite stiff-upper-lipness – which is supposed to hold the justified rage and eternal contempt in place that is building up below the surface. It won’t be pretty when this dam breaks.

But it is obviously all too easy to ignore the groundswell of public opinion when you are a metropolitan bubble dweller, when the limits of your world coincide with the official political language du jour, that yarn spun by the BBC. Or when you’ve never ventured outside the M25. Or elsewise, when you’re so thoroughly insulated from the effects of your political decisions, undertaken on behalf of “we, the people”, that you are in a position to make a mockery of us, the people. This system isn’t in crisis – it is the crisis.

So how did we get there? It is probably fair to assume that there is no single cause to blame for our present predicament. Whether it is felt or not, whether it is being dealt with consciously or unconsciously, whether it goes spoken or unspoken, acted upon deliberately or un-deliberately, there’s an elephant in the room. And it didn’t get here yesterday either, but it’s been around for quite a while now. It is a mindset reflected in terms such as “victimisation” and “community cohesion”, intended to spread the misery around equally by taking the individual out of the equation and blaming everything on “society” – on everybody.

This is the true essence of “soft” socialism and as long as it goes unnoticed, it works well. Because it is both morally and intellectually lazy (and people like that). It is all about avoiding the hard choices of saying no to people and/or ideas that are ultimately detrimental to the greatest happiness of the greatest number. This self-destructive behaviour of a nominally rational society bears all the hallmarks of mental illness. And don’t the suicide collective which we mistakenly accept as our political and media representatives love to take us for a ride on their fake outrage bus.

The Long March of Marxism through the institutions has by now almost concluded. If the public were a Monopoly board, the Left could claim the train stations, electricity and water works and of course all the little streets up to Pall Mall. All we’re left with is paying our dues and taxes, and of course going to prison. Not even “free parking” is free anymore. Interestingly, this utter disenfranchisement has been (and is still being) wrought upon us proletarian masses in the name of our liberation from the chains that bind us. They really are taking the piss at Broadcasting House and the annual party conferences. You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh.

Let me briefly illustrate this point, please. My grand aunt and uncle lived in a little market town in the GDR. That’s posh for East Germany, the Utopian land of My Corbyn’s epic motorbike trip of the 1970s. Well, I’ve been there in the 1980s, Mr Corbyn, when they presumably had it as good as never before. But I was not all too drunk on the Kool Aid of Communism when we visited my dad’s aunt and uncle, so I realised some things which you obviously did not.

When aunt Ellie (short for Elvira) wanted to dish up a nice Sunday roast for us, she had to get up at 5 am and queue a few hours in front of the butchers. Naturally, an East German cow produced about as much meat as a West German cow, but the best cuts tended to never make it to the shops. What socialism proudly presented instead were items for what was euphemistically called “items for everyday consumption”. This choice wording brought home the utter contempt the “elite” felt for “their” people. Or, as any true believer would call them, patronisingly and condescendingly in equal measure: “Unsere Menschen”. That’s “Our Humans” in Kraut.

Well one of these humans was my grand aunt Ellie who would queue for hours in front of the butchers to stand a bit of a chance to get her hands on one of the few better cuts that might (or might not) make it to the shop. Her complete humiliation of course didn’t end there. Aunt Ellie was also expected – by socialism and its eager enablers – to accept the notion that all this was being done to her for bettering herself and her lot. Had to been done that way, or else. That’s what true to form socialism is well and truly about: the utter denigration – by threat of annihilation – of the individual.

There cannot be personal liberty in a socialist society. But if you are an eager little automaton shit scared of his or her freedom, then socialism might look like just the ticket to you. Or if you’re a wannabe camp commander itching to throw his or her neighbours into the Gulag, socialism proves highly attractive. Its final goal: you either accept that your abuse at the hands of the self-appointed “elite” is done for your own good. Or you get killed – metaphorically, rhetorically. Or in the flesh.

Cultural Marxism is about creating the conditions under which socialism “will finally work”. That’s what’s behind the “yeah but that wasn’t real socialism” mantra. NPCs, SJWs, left leaning soy boys and girls of indeterminate gender all agree that their ideology will work one day if only they try hard enough. That’s why they are (and always will be) just one pogrom short of a picnic.

What they fail to realise is that the basis of their deluded “theory” scarcely resembles reality in any discernible, let alone sensible manner. Yet, whether they realise this or not – and whether they admit to it or not – this is the world they want to bring about: a hellhole where everyone must be “equal” for the sake of “diversity”.

This socialism by stealth, or by the back door (quiet, please) has been so far quite successful: the left-leaning establishment in politics and the media, from the faux conservatives to the politburos posing as mainstream media, have almost perfected their hold on power. Now, they are eager to pass it on to the next generation.

This works only because we let them get away with it. It is still much too easy for the “elite” to disown the evidence given by reality: that the crisis is the effect of their policies. It’s their making. This cosy cartel of media who fail to do their job and establishment politics, will continue to commit crime after crime. And like all criminals, they’d love to get away with it.

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