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An Idea for Christmas Gift?

There have been a few good articles on GP about Kodi and the Amazon fire sticks for IPTV, I have tried them all and had some varying degrees of success with them, but decided to ditch them as quite unreliable due to Broken links, streams down and generally tearing what hair I have left out with the performance issues of them

I stumbled on an alternative a couple of years ago, a little box called a Mag 254 IPTV Linux box, which I will talk about later on this article, I will just give you a run down on what IPTV is firstly, most will already know, but here it is anyway for the curious amongst us

IPTV means Internet Protocol Television that is just the TV content delivery through online sources through your broadband connection, it really is that simple for the end user.

I have been using this type of setup for a couple of years now, I have one downstairs and another upstairs, both work really well and have minimal downtime, usually because of the ISP going down, and not the fault of the service provider usually

The Range of channels from the providers varies greatly, some just focus on the UK but many have channels from all around the globe, USA/Canada, south America, Asia, Middle East, mainland Europe and many in HD

I have the Mag 254 box, but it has now been superseded by the 256 and the 257 IPTV box, details below, they are quite a small box so fit in nicely under your TV

Dimensions 132x87x26

Weight 190g

Lord Gammon, Going Postal

They usually come in around £70-80.

They are widely available and a very cheap way of accessing all those Channels at a fraction of the cost from Sky and Virgin charge

I am paying around £60 a year for my subscriptions, so it’s a massive saving.

You have to buy a subscription, for either 3,6 12 months, I would go for 3 months as some providers are not as good as others and vary in performance, channel choice, catch-up and VOD content, EPG length etc.

Many are available on Ebay and on the Net, I use the below for my subscriptions, but you can try any and they offer 24 hour free trials, so you can try before you buy, there are literally hundreds of providers, so do look around and try.



Once you have made a purchase, they will send you instructions on how to setup the box to access their services, it’s just adding a URL into the settings in the box, all very simple.

You will need to provide them with the MAC address of the Box firstly, which will be on the base of the box, or it can be accessed in the settings

The menu system is quite good and simple to use and categorised, the format changes between providers


Always check with the provider on whether PL Games in the UK are Geoblocked, this just means some providers cannot show PL games as there IP’s have been blocked, but you will still be able to watch the rest of the Channels

Lord Gammon, Going Postal

Lord Gammon, Going Postal

All in all, I have been mostly satisfied with it all, I have had some downtime with it, it’s not perfect, it’s not as good as Sky, or Virgin but it is not meant to be.

it is not far off the mark and is pretty reliable, and a really good alternative.

Happy Christmas!!!!!!

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