Great Britain is embarking on a new Entente Cordiale plus

Godfrey Bloom, Going Postal
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It seems impossible for England to keep its nose out of continental affairs.

The historical track record beggars belief, the Black Prince, Henry V, Henry VIII, The War of Spanish Succession, Napoleonic Wars, The Great War, WWII, no matter how much blood & treasure is expended, regardless of the constant futility of outcome, continental war seems a glorious thing.

Of course modern politicians, unlike the kings & nobles of yesteryear can stay safe at home when the guns roar.

There has been a Continental war roughly every year for one thousand years.

War is a natural state it seems for Europe. God, who is patently an Englishman gave us a realm  surrounded by a great moat, to protect us from expensive entanglements with Jonny Foreigner.

It took us nearly nine hundred years to realise the futility of continental conflict to learn the lesson.

Post 1815 we largely steered clear of major conflicts & built the greatest trade empire the world has ever seen. With it came unprecedented  scientific & medical advances. The industrial revolution gave the British the greatest leap forward in living standards since the Roman Empire.

With devious skullduggery by Edward VII & Sir Henry Wilson, Great Britain was suckered into a military continental commitment without the knowledge or acquiescence of the people or Parliament. Unbelievably notwithstanding the deaths of one million British Empire war dead, it is happening again in a mutated re enactment of the mistakes of the Edwardian era.

The UK has been involved in facilitating new EU Defence Union agreements since November 2016.

Five EU Council meetings bind participant states in military finance, command, intelligence & defence industrial planning.

Impending Brexit does not it appears release us from these commitments.

In 2017 the Ministry of Defence invited business leaders with defence links to participate in European Defence Fund initiatives.

Senior British civil servants committed to a federal Europe are already seeking ways to bind us in post Brexit.

Industrial planning will be run by the EU Commission & EU Council

The whole concept is actually worse than the disastrous Entente which dragged us into the Great War. It goes much deeper. The financial base is linked through the European Defence Fund, European Defence Agency & European Investment Bank.

The command structure is based on EU Battlegroups controlled directly by the EU Council.

This is a much closer relationship than with the allies in 1914.

The old Entente Cordiale dragged us into a conflict that started between Austria & Serbia, a conflict no more to do with the British than the Franco Prussian war of 1870, of which the British stayed well clear. The Great War was just part one of a greater war 1939/45. No good comes of war. Strong defence is always necessary & vital to Britain. Military adventurism is of no value nor integrated defence with foreign countries whose interests are rarely ours.

Moreover, the risk of misuse of a European army (make no mistake that is where we are going) is self evident. Catalonia is a classic example, yet it is not difficult to see alternative scenarios where nation states fail to comply with EU dictates on immigration or secession.

The southern states of America chose to leave the union, 600,000 American dead in a four year war, more than all the casualties for the US in WWI & WWII, Korea & Vietnam combined.

Yet there is no parliamentary or MSM scrutiny. This dangerous situation is pushed off the agenda as we agonise over tariffs on cars or wine.

The protection of a free press has been gelded by the appointment of total non entities as MSM defence correspondents, who lie low with their heads well below the parapet.



Godfrey Bloom spent twenty years with the British Army of the Rhine, holds the Territorial decoration & bar & Armed Forces Parliamentary medal.

He is a supporter of Veterans for Britain

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