If I Wanted Britain to Fail – 15 Months On

gb_dorset, Going Postal
Michel Barnier thanking Theresa May for capitulating on absolutely everything the EU wanted

If I wanted Britain to fail ….to follow, not lead; to decline, not prosper; to despair, not dream – I would start with sovereignty.  I’d implement a Brexit which is Brexit in name only.  I’d pretend that we could control our own destiny whilst ceding all law making, regulation making and taxation policy to the unelected EU bureaucrats in Brussels without representation.  Meanwhile I would continue to follow all EU rules and regulations and I’d pay £39 billion for staying in a bastardised customs union intentionally designed to destabilise the Union. I’d continue to pay huge fees and fines during an indefinite transition whilst giving the EU the only say in when we might end the transition from being a vassal state to a truly independent sovereign nation. I would know they would never do that, and, eventually we would return to the warm embrace of a full EU membership having paid a tremendously large economic penalty for allowing the temerity of the population to vote to leave – this madness of opposing the globalists elite and eventually a one world government must never be allowed to happen again – the people have to experience a harsh punishment and lessons will be learned.

gb_dorset, Going Postal
Merkel, Junkers and Macron advocating EU Army that Nick Clegg said was a ridiculous claim by Farage

If I wanted Britain to fail … I’d make sure that we were absolutely logistically and infrastructurally unprepared to go it alone.  I’d make sure the MSM and Civil Service pour cold water on any attempt to promote a confident and hugely successful United Kingdom free from the shackles of a failing EU.  I’d crush any voice of patriotism and willingness to accept a period of “backs to the wall” for a better future by ramping up Project Fear and insisting patriotism is thinly disguised bigotry and racism.  I’d ensure that the BBC and C4 rewrite and present a history for which our youth would be ashamed of – any sign of pride in our country would be stamped out relentlessly, I would run down our armed forces and bring in “no-requirement to be British” legislation to dilute the patriots who I would encourage to leave.  I would support the creation of an EU Army wholeheartedly and ensure we paid more than our share of the costs but have no say in the command. Between the EU Army and our own newly, ethnically diverse forces we will ensure that we have no resistance within our military to ruthlessly snuff out any populist rebellion.

gb_dorset, Going Postal
Daily Telegraph – October 2018. EU to prevent the UK from becoming a low tax economy

If I wanted Britain to fail … I’d encourage the EU to set our corporate tax rates for the UK to create a competitive disadvantage, driving out foreign investment and bringing a full return to the smothering embrace of a Federalist Europe sooner rather than later. As a bonus we would be forced to abolish the £ and adopt the Euro at a time when fresh bail outs are required for Italy and all the other failing EU economies. I would applaud from the side-lines as the EU continues to create countless new regulations and make the old ones more draconian. They would be so complicated that only bureaucrats, lawyers and lobbyists could understand them. That way small businesses with big ideas wouldn’t stand a chance.  I’d police myself ruthlessly to ensure that I continue to comply with all EU laws and pay vast fines if I break rules whilst other members continue to flaunt the rules with impunity. I’d give up any remaining judicial authority that I have and look to the European Court of Justice to arbitrate in all our affairs. I’d would give the EU fishing fleets ever greater access to our waters and turn future decisions over Gibraltar and other overseas territories to Spain and the EU.

gb_dorset, Going Postal
Theresa May July, 2018 – Contradicting Donald Trump – “immigration has been good for the UK”

I’d show the world how selfless I am by keeping our borders open to the vast Muslim hordes who have accepted Frau Merkel’s open invitation to come and live in Europe. I’d also step in and take in the migrants that Hungary, The Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Austria and Poland have rejected by refusing to join the UN Migration Pact.  I’d call out the Anglophile Trump rejecting his solicitation for quickly working towards a free trade agreement. I’d try and embarrass his stance on secure national borders – I’d claim that immigration has been good for the UK, all the while ignoring the terrorist atrocities, escalating knife crim, acid attacks and industrial scale Muslim grooming gangs. I’d exclude foreign journalists like Brittany Pettybone and Lauren Southern for fear of them speaking the truth about Islam, I’d instruct the judiciary to incarcerate Tommy Robinson for drawing attention to Muslim rape gangs – I’d encourage the prison authorities to put him in harm’s way to permanently extinguish the threat of a subversive hero. I’d give generous tax breaks to Google, Twitter, Facebook and others to ensure they help spread the right message, and ruthlessly restrict the right-wing blogosphere.

gb_dorset, Going Postal
MSM demonize all things fracking – exploiting the gullibility of the soap dodging, useful idiots

If I wanted Britain to fail …  I’d be the only country in Europe to enshrine impossible CO2 reduction targets in law. I’d take more than my share of the greenhouse emissions reduction targets and give others countries a free ride because of it.  I’d make everyone feel guilty for using the energy that heats their homes, fuels their cars, runs their businesses, and powers the economy.  I’d make cheap energy like gas and coal expensive, so that expensive energy like wind and solar would seem cheap. I would all-but-outlaw Britain’s most abundant sources of energy.  I’d shut down our existing nuclear and coal and make shale gas so difficult and costly it wouldn’t be worth doing. I’d turn a blind eye to Germany building new coal fired electricity generating stations.  I would hobble our car manufacturers by making our world class clean diesel engines a public pariah on trumped up air quality grounds.  I would transform the environmental agenda from a document of conservation to an economic suicide pact. I would concede entire industries to our global economic rivals by imposing regulations that cost billions. I would celebrate those who preach environmental austerity in public while indulging a lavish lifestyle in private.

gb_dorset, Going Postal
Brighton and Hove City Council encourage trans questioning at school. Never mind the 3r’s

If I wanted Britain to fail … I’d ban any mention of Christianity in our schools, I’d segregate classes into boys and girls and allow the wearing of hijabs or burkas. I would also ban crucifixes so that no offence would be given to our burgeoning Muslim population. I’d ensure young children are taught about the benefits of diverse sexual orientation and encourage them to explore and experiment with their sexuality.  I would place in care any child who has the temerity to question the preferred narrative and ensure that the parents have no recourse to legally contest the care orders.   I’d ensure that more and more children take out large loans to take University courses in subjects that add no value but provides an opportunity to extensively expose them to the thinking of the liberal intellectuals who have pervaded all our institutions.

gb_dorset, Going Postal
Father of the Aleppo boy exposed how the Jo Cox’s White helmets lied to the world

If I wanted Britain to fail … for every concern, I’d invent a crisis; and for every crisis, I’d invent a bogeyman. I’d use MI6/GCHQ to work with the US Deep State to undermine Trump. The economic success of his policies must be stopped at all cost. I’d use Novichock to divert attention away from evidence of any collusion and use Section D Notices to muzzle any embarrassing disclosure. I’d support Saudi Arabia with arms to continue the discord in the Middle East with its resulting flood of economic migrants we could take in. I’d support the EU stance on Iran and work to undermine Trump’s economic sanctions to reverse the Iran Nuclear.  I’d provide the Al Qaeda backed White Helmets sanctuary in the UK with benefits and housing to reward them for their efforts to bring regime change in Syria with their blatant false flag movie making that I ensure no one questions.

gb_dorset, Going Postal

If I wanted Britain to fail …. I’d bestow £14 billion a year in foreign aid ensuring it goes on reducing carbon footprints and into the hands of the local elites – I’d seek to bring about regime change where strong leaders do not share my world view on human rights.  I’d shower ever more money at our NHS, never demanding any increase in productivity, treating foreign visitors without question, providing sex change operations on demand and paying doctors more and more for less and less hours. I’d import ill qualified, non-English speaking doctors while cutting the number of training places in the UK.  I’d make it easier to stop industry than start it – easier to kill jobs than create them I’d make it impossible to fire the lazy or incompetent.  I’d completely open our borders and incentivise economic migrants with the promise of generous benefits and free health care paid for by ever increasing taxes levied on the few. I’d ensure that I could buy the votes by making beneficiaries of the handouts and plethora of public sector jobs greater in number than those actually creating real value. I’d put my like thinking cronies in highly paid executive positions of publicly funded charities and NGO’s.  I’d encourage them to lobby the government to do my bidding.

gb_dorset, Going Postal

If I wanted Britain to fail … I would prey on the goodness and decency of the ordinary people.
I would only need the BBC, the MSM, schools and the civil service to convince them that staying in  the EU is the only way to avoid entering into a dystopian world where there would be no jobs, no security, migrant camps, no future – a Britain unable to determine its destiny or be successful in a terrifying world of uncertainty and change.  And if I was unsuccessful, I could always call a general election based on a manifesto promising an age tax, an increase in foreign aid, a doubling of inheritance tax and another referendum or “People’s Vote”.  If I win we stay in the EU, if I lose, Corbyn and McDonnell will bring us to a state of Venezuelan economic collapse before you know it. Win-win!!!

If I wanted Britain to fail … I suppose I wouldn’t change a thing. Theresa May is doing even better than I thought possible.

© gb_dorset 2018

If I Wanted Britain to Fail

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