Compare and Contrast

Bill Quango MP, Going Postal
President Ronald Reagan (left) and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (right) in December 1984

The optimism. The belief. The passion. The determination and commitment. America is having a rare treat with its politicians. They are standing for something.

Obama and Blair

Obama inspired millions to take part. His slick PR and marketing energised many from the very bottom to vote for him. Not just because he was a black guy. But because he was not a Clinton or a Bush. And although he came up very short in the end, for a long while, the entire world was in love with him.

Politicians and world leaders behaved as teenage girls rushing to get a selfie with the latest hot sensation.

Ultimately, though dealt a very bad opening hand, he didn’t do much with it anyway and the Obama era is a pretty empty one. Considering all the power and good will he had at his disposal.

Compare and contrast with the Blair era. They had far more people willing to go with them. To help them, than they ever knew. And never realised the fantastic opportunity for change they had. Blair was always too nervous of losing popularity. Too worried about the focus group, right until the time when he inexplicably decided he no longer cared about polling and sound bites and spin and plunged headlong into a brand new war of his own making.

Compare and contrast.

Thatcher and Reagan.

Both arrived to a country divided. To millions without a voice. A nation beset by left wing lunacy and national doubt. Decline and retreat and submission was the order of the day. With the UK having to deal with the coldest of the cold war and a major terrorist threat on a huge and organised scale. The finances were in ruin. The countries in despair.

Both Thatcher and Reagan, utterly vilified by the establishment and the academics. The church,  media, education know that familiar list. The sneering classes. Both completely transformed their countries. And steadied and readied them for the post industrial age.

May and Trump ?

Hmm… Maybe this will explain the differences.


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