The Death of Western Democracy

Anne Marie Waters, Going Postal
Nineteenth-century painting by Philipp Foltz depicting the Athenian politician Pericles delivering his famous funeral oration in front of the Assembly

How western democrats used to sneer at one party dictatorships. For many decades western democracies exuded superiority with their multi party systems, constitutional monarchies, republican constitutions, bills of rights, free press, government by consent & the principles of law.

In Britain the constitution is not written down in one paper such as the United States or Germany but it is none the less real for that. It seems however all the checks & balances of our free society, honed one might argue since Magna Carta have been subverted.

The United Kingdom has been a two party state de facto if not de jure since the Restoration under English law it has worked very well. Indeed it has been a model for many democracies around the world. But the system in Britain today, & some might argue Western Europe & the United States has been deliberately destroyed for the advantage of that deliciously clever American terminology Deep State.

The fearless free press of yesteryear has all but disappeared. In Britain public service broadcasting is dependent upon State largesse. (BBC & Channel 4), & licensing or monopoly government manipulation for the so called private sector (Sky).

Newspapers are linked to the two main parties, Guardian & Daily Mirror on the left & broad sheets support the centre Daily Mail & Express are Conservative supporters in tooth & claw.

Yet in Britain over fifty percent of people believe they have no political home. The red/blue election choice has failed, indeed it has been failing for years. It is almost impossible to get a new party off the ground.

UKIP did very well as a single issue Brexit pressure group, indeed played a major role in engineering a referendum, but its hopelessly unfocused leadership missed the opportunity to make it a political force at the 2015 general election has seen it disappear into obscurity.
The modern electorate no longer have to rely on Deep State broadcasting & newspapers, alternative opinions & factual analysis abound on social media. But the State has got wise to this.

Twitter, YouTube, Facebook have been tasked to politically monitor subscribers & remove anti Deep State comment. The EU in particular are planning to crack down on politically incorrect postings, ie. anything which might embarrass the government of the day. Immigration is virtually taboo as a subject for objective discussion & blasphemy laws have returned, dead & buried for hundreds of years.

Criticism of Islam in any form is instantly banned on social media, it is too hot to handle.

Criticism of Christianity seems for some reason to be perfectly acceptable.

So any new party, not just For Britain is stifled at birth. Pressure groups such as Antifa can advocate murder on Twitter with impunity yet lawfully established parties are censored by faceless social media editors who work in league with Deep State lawyers & bureaucrats.

So the electorate continues with the choice of ‘least awful’ & the man on the Clapham Omnibus remains unrepresented.


© Anne Marie Waters 2018

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