What a load of Bolides!

Quantum, Going Postal

The amount of times I see people posting here – “World ending asteroid hit us please now the world is too crazy!”

Well I am here to bring a mild warning, many people understand what an E.L.E is (Extinction Level Event) we have all seen the films.

Lots of people think meteor strikes are rare, we see them now and again in the news oh look at those pretty flashes in the sky.

I’m not going to go into the physics of a strike here I am just going to give a visual representation of what this planet has to deal with. We literally spin through a shooting gallery and when you see it you realise the magnitude and fragility of our situation.

Below is a graphic it shows every meteor strike that has been ‘Witnessed’ IE seen with the naked eye since 861 AD.

It might surprise you to know that out of the 45,000 recorded meteorites only 1,150 have been witnessed that is just 2.556% of all recorded strikes in this time period.

Watch the graphic now extrapolate that upwards to 45,000, then ask yourselves what about the ones that were not recorded? did we get most of them? or did we only record a few?

Is it that detection methods have vastly improved? what about pre 861 AD? my suspicion is it was probably worse in the past and is steadily getting better and detection has vastly improved, however this does not factor in that our solar system and galaxy itself is moving through space and at anytime we could stumble in to the unknown.

Link to animation site Bolides

You can visit the site and click on any time or any meteorite for information, I am aware that meteorites tend to break up a lot and are not the biggest threat but this  just gives you a view of actually how ‘busy’ it is up in space.

We are all made of stardust so without what we see happening here we wouldn’t be here to see it although it’s a sobering thought to think one of these could end your city/country/planet in the blink of an eye with no warning.

So next time that crazy shouts ‘My husband wears bras!’ or ‘ I just married a plant’

Please for all our sakes be careful what you wish for.

© Quantum 2018

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