Lower than a Slug’s Belly – Kavanaugh’s Crucible

James Dalton, Going Postal

Essay – USA Current Events

You can’t get much lower than a slug’s belly. The Senate Committee which has been considering the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court over the past two weeks got that low, perhaps lower on Thursday and Friday 27th-28th September 2018. As John Kennedy, one of the saner and less indecent members populating the Committee described the events: “…a grotesque carnival… “…an intergalactic freak show….” and that “…Congress has hit rock bottom and started to dig…” I can see I am not alone in my disgust at the activities of those paid to represent the people of the USA. In 1991 these defamation tactics were used on then Judge, now Justice Clarence Thomas, tactics that were disgusting then, more disgusting on this occasion.

When Donald Trump spoke of ‘the swamp’ in his 2016 and at subsequent live rally events and when his supporter base chanted, and when it chants: “Drain the Swamp”, the broadcast news mocked and mocks them still. They, the Fakenews media, call the Trump supporter base ‘low intelligence’ and deplorable knuckle draggers without taking the time to understand what they were and are talking about. Do they know yet? Do they understand yet?  To know what Trump and the millions of Americans who voted him into office know and knew, all that the confused reporters and detractors of Trump who monopolise the airwaves and screens of our nation need to do is watch and listen to the testimony given to the Senate Committee hearings on the Judge Kavanaugh nomination.

It is claimed that Arthur Miller’s play ‘The Crucible’ was written as an allegory to the McCarthy Anti-American hearings of the 1950’s when the US government failed to root out the embedded communists in its key institutions. The play, set in 17th Century Massachusetts, is a fictional account of real events – the Salem witch trials. The theme is of course justice and how justice was perceived by different parties influenced by superstition, religion, fear and social grudges and how justice played out in a court of the New World. “Witch!”… …”Burn her!” If you haven’t read it, seen the play or watched the film, I can recommend it.

This fiction of The Crucible, however deplorable when viewed in hindsight following three centuries of human advancement, should seem shocking. The injustice towards young innocent girls engaging in childhood antics clashes with our enlightened sense of justice and fairness. The use of courts to victimise and destroy other members of society who have done them no harm is in conflict with natural law and what we feel to be right and fair. The allegory to McCarthy’s endeavours is valid in part, albeit the comparison of innocent girls to subversive communists is a stretch, a typically emotionally successful and dishonest Marxist stretch. To those in the 1950’s that understood the dangers of Communism, the goal for a free country of ensuring collectivists do not destroy from within the constitutional rights that underpin that freedom, is a noble goal. The liberty of conscience and freedom of association and rights to privacy that were undermined by the methods of McCarthy, were rightly questioned and condemned as was the lack of due process and presumption of innocence. Fast forward sixty years and the fruits of the Marxist ideology are borne in the Democratic Party upper echelons of today. The demoralisation of society – the removal of a moral guide – and the political manifestation of this demoralisation were evidenced by the utterances and actions of the Democrat Senators on the Kavanaugh Committee. The accuser is to be believed, the accused is guilty, Magna Carta never happened, Common Law is a myth, due process doesn’t apply anymore, because this is the Fakenews media director’s cut and the message is: Kavanaugh is a witch and he needs to burn.

The Kavanaugh hearings have disgusted decent people to the core, for a bedrock of the Anglosphere – presumption of innocence – has been attacked full on. The performance from the Democrat Representatives, Feinstein, Leahy, Hirono, Coons, Blumenthal, Brooker, Kolbuchar, Whitehouse, Harris has exposed the utter contempt for decency and just behaviour, appealing to the weaker emotional responses in what it perceives to be an easily conned plebiscite.

The human damage done to Judge Brett Kavanaugh, his wife and his daughters cannot be measured, cannot be undone and was avoidable. The damage was co-ordinated and designed by the Democrat Party, for a much bigger game is at play. Whoever Donald J Trump had nominated to be the next Supreme Court Justice would have been in receipt of a similar ordeal to that of Judge Kavanaugh. Every nominee put forward by Trump, whatever their record, their gender or their colour, would have  been the subject of accusations of conduct aimed at rendering his/her nomination invalid. Any story, rumour or accusation would have been found to seed the public with doubt about Kavanaugh’s probity – a propaganda assault. The bigger game is the mid-term elections, control of the Senate and the House of Representatives is at stake and the unveiling of who did what, when and with whom relating to the FBI, CIA, NSA and DoJ and the Russia Collusion scam is imminent following the White House statement ordering the release of specific information previously redacted in the Carter Page FISA court applications of 2016. US politics is in an absolute mess, truth is being hidden; fakenews and disinformation is everywhere, but yesterday on Thursday and Friday 27th to 28th September 2018, Democrats got down, lower than a slug’s belly, they hit rock bottom and did some digging. One object was in their sights: to delay, delay and delay some more the progress of any Supreme Court Justice nomination of Donald J Trump by all means necessary. Kavanaugh’s daughters and wife are the Democrat’s ‘collateral damage’.

Where are we now with the Democrats in the USA? We are in a place where you are guilty unless you can prove your innocence. We are in a place where an individual and his family can be destroyed by the media and corrupt politicians by bypassing the law and due process. We are at a place where Democrats conspire for an individual to be put in front of the camera to broadcast to the world accusations of an indecent encounter at an unknown time in an unknown place, uncorroborated, disputed by named witnesses and unlikely to provide sufficient grounds for a police investigation to commence, let alone be the basis for a prosecution. Oh yes, by the way, the incident still has not been reported to the local Police who are the only institution responsible for receiving a complaint and investigating it under US law. Shallow and obvious distractions. Those Americans who define themselves as Democrats have been deserted by their Party, exposed as a gravy train for the immoral, wicked and crooked.

This is what the Democrats have become. They have deserted fairness. They have deserted honesty. They have deserted basic human decency. They have deserted principles. They care nothing for truth. And what of the future? What decent family man or woman, what parent, would want to put their families or themselves through this ‘grotesque carnival’? What if Republicans take this cynical and sinister approach when the Democrat’s next President nominates a ‘liberal’ judge? In a time of social media, no-one will come forward, everyone will be personally destroyed, their relationships stressed, their children scarred for life, their personal histories scrutinised, twisted and stained. Who will go into public life other than gangsters, criminals and those prepared to do whatever it takes to get on?

Brett Kavanaugh had no choice. His name has been dragged through the mud. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If you want to see corrupt: clear your mind; assume the innocent party is innocent until proven otherwise and listen to the hours of discourse from the US Senate Committee. Listen to corruption destroying US politics. A New Crucible, fact this time, not fiction, played out in Washington DC in September 2018.

What I have witnessed in following the hearings is disturbing beyond belief. The behaviour of the Democrats is not just personally inhuman towards Judge Kavanaugh, and for that matter the accuser, it destabilises the foundations of our civilisation. The day, in the ever more surreal world in which we find ourselves, was capped off with a Soros funded act in this ‘New Crucible’. An act played out in a lift with Senator Jeff Flake, an entourage of Fakenews generators armed with microphones and cameras and an irate ‘victim of sexual assault’ [no citation] shouting and demanding that Flake condemn the witch Kavanaugh, for all women victims. Another staged event as ever lower they dig, to delay, delay, delay and the moribund newshounds lap it up.

In the UK our politics, our government, our institutions of state and our journalism are corrupted just like they are in the USA. While the bile of the Democrats has been very publicly vomited on the Constitution, Brett Kavanaugh and the people of the USA, the corruption within the UK institutions is less well displayed, all but hidden from the general public. The swamp draining is underway in the USA and the bottom feeders are now being openly exposed to the voters – watch out for more bile next week aired live on all new outlets. Here in the UK we are behind the American curve in exposing the corruption at the upper echelons of our politics, exposure needed for any healing process to begin, but what is happening now in the USA and what happens over the coming days will create ripples that will be reflected in the future course of politics here in the UK and the rest of the world.

© James Dalton 2018, Democrats & Veterans Party, for Direct Democracy. dvparty.uk

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