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Yesterday morning, on the way back from walking the dogs, my wife phoned me to pick up a copy of the Sunday Times. The edition we get here in France is a truncated version of the one printed in the UK and she said she wanted to have a physical newspaper to read for a change instead of browsing on-line.

With this task duly done I settled down over a cup of coffee to read the part of it she hadn’t commandeered. On Freesat at the same time, she was half listening to a programme called Sunday Brunch with various Z list celebs prattling on about one thing or another.

Every so often a coincidence arises that makes you think, and yesterday one of them materialised. I was reading a piece by Andrew Gilligan in which he writes about the play “Trojan Horse” which received rave reviews at the Edinburgh Festival and up pops the producer of the play on the TV to talk about the production.

If you remember, there was a scandal where radical Muslims took over schools in Birmingham and used them to indoctrinate the pupils with hard-line Islamist propaganda. Well, according to the writers and actors, this never happened, it was all a nasty, right wing, Tory plot to discredit Islam. This is despite the fact that secular teachers were bullied out of their jobs and that subjects such as biology and sex education were heavily censored or removed from the curriculum. Those involved in the plot even enlisted family and fiends to crowd school meetings and harass anyone who objected.

In the piece, Gilligan describes some of the facts that came out at the subsequent investigation.

A staff member, Sue Packer, described how in a social and personal development class, 14 year olds were being told that Muslim wives must obey their husbands demands for sex.

Girls were told that they were un-Islamic because they didn’t wear a veil.

Shadid Akmal, a chairman of school governors, said white women had the least amount of morals.

Tahir Alam, the lead plotter, wrote that girlfriend/boyfriend and homosexual relationships were not acceptable practices according to Islamic teaching.

One of the school’s newsletter wrote with excitement about the impending visit of an Al Qaeda sympathising preacher.

One of the head teachers is featured in the play, only to justify her removal by the plotters.

The damning piece is that Razwan Faraz, Alams co-plotter, sent WhatsApp messages saying that women have a perpetual role serving men, and that gay people are satanic animals.

Gilligan goes on to explain that none of those real-life testimonies makes it into the show and the assertion is that it was a Tory plot to demonise Muslims ahead of the party conference.

This could easily be dismissed as a piece of fiction or “docu-drama” except for the rapturous reception it has received from the Left. They have taken proven facts and twisted them into lies. The most telling and worrying bit was yet to come….Amnesty International gave it the “Freedom of Expression” award.

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