Brewery Bash 2019

Swiss Bob, Going Postal
impression of what your ‘glamping’ accommodation will almost certainly not look like

Time and place

18th – 22nd July 2019 at the Gate Hangs High. Slightly earlier in the year, longer evenings and hopefully better weather.


For those that like the outdoors many of us will be camping in one form or another at the GHH, there is a very large field with  mobile home parking (I have reserved a place for you JWP) and plenty of space for tents, we will have a large BBQ, a fire pit and a marquee / yurt type accommodation for any that request it for both ladies and gentlemen, which will include a living area if God forbid it chucks it down. Cost will be minimal. The pub has a shower room.

If camping is not your thing the few rooms at the GHH are already gone. Your next closest options are The Sun Inn and The Pear Tree in Hook Norton. Gone so I am told. After that I would recommend Chipping Norton, there are plenty of pubs and hotels, all within five minutes of each other. We will organise taxi shares/minibuses to and from the GHH and events.

Food and drink

This year we will be better organised and to give Mrs RP a break we will organise some help on the cooking side of things. Breakfast lunch and dinner will be available at the GHH camp site, or you can go to the pub. I doubt the BBQ will be off during daylight hours so no one will starve. This year we fetched a trolley full of drink from Chippy and still had plenty left Monday.


Thursday 18th

Welcome drinks, if you’re new and not sure who is who, just look for some ‘wanker with the flags’.

Friday 19th

More welcome drinks and for dinner I’m tempted to try and organise a suckling pig for the fire pit. Maybe some music.

Saturday 20th

Local trips if there is interest. There is the brewery tour that many of you have already been on, Blenheim Palace is less than half an hour away and Chipping Norton ten minutes from the GHH.

(Brewery tours can be booked at the following link, they are available at 3.00 and 3.30 pm £14.50 per person, free tastings for thirty minutes.) I suggest you wait until 1642again tells us which is the best time, 3:00, or 3.30pm – see forum post when published for updates.

Brewery Dinner for those that wish to go. A £10 deposit will be required but not until nearer the time. Next year is likely to be a set dinner, no vegetarian option, or maybe a BBQ, it depends on how many of you want to go. We will also reduce the price to £25-£30. ‘Free’ wine was provided this year by GP, plus an open bar paid for by GP, Gil, 1642again and a generous anonymous benefactor.

For those that do not wish to go to the brewery dinner Gil is threatening to bring his guitar and form a band with some other Postaliers. You’ll be relieved to know that instead of taking up that generous offer I have spoken to the GHH and they may be able to organise some music for both Friday and Saturday if we want it. Food and drink will of course be available on the camp site.

Sunday 21st

Lunch at the GHH. A £5 deposit will be required but not until nearer the time. Sunday lunch was £12 per person this year and very good. This year wine was provided by GP.

For Sunday afternoon someone suggested we put on a play and having thought about it and discussed it with Tachybaptus I thought it might provide some amusement. Something like six scenes, each with different group of Postaliers so we can all play Tilda. We’d get the scripts to you so you could attempt to learn lines, or just read from the scripts at the time.  Rotherhampoofta as Tilda, I can’t wait.

Sunday evening, Gil and his guitar.

Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbaya

Maybe not.

Monday 22nd



I’ll add this to the events on the forum site and provide updates there. Email me your interest, dates you think you’ll be there and I’ll put them all in a spreadsheet. Nearer the time I will request deposits for the Saturday brewery dinner and Sunday lunch at the GHH, these will be non returnable and used to cover no shows and some of the drinks you all enjoyed last time.

There is no requirement to attend either of the above events. based on requests next year’s bash has been designed so that costs are minimal, long time Postaliers that are known to me only need to get to the site and you will be well looked after.

Contact here email ‘Brewery Bash 2019’ in the subject please.

© Swiss Bob 2018

PS I am open to ideas for additional entertainment if you organise it.

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