Trump, Q, Alex Jones, Dilbert and FakeNews

James Dalton, Going Postal

FakeNews wasn’t a thing a few years ago. It’s a thing now. What is going on? What has happened to reporting, reporters and news organisations? What is FakeNews? What is not? And why should anyone care? Unpalatable views are being purged from the internet and as the Carpenters once sang – It’s Only Just Begun… The views being purged, deleted, could be described as ‘conservative’ views, views which are increasingly unpalatable to the intolerant globalist collectivist views of the mainstream media. If you believe in free speech and the equal opportunity to express and criticise different views and opinions, if you are aware of what history teaches us of societies that deny such freedoms to its citizenry, you should care a lot.

For those who monitor international politics, Alex Jones is a familiar name. He has run an online talk show for many years. He is a conservative and a researcher. He has an angry and speedy style; his words can’t get out of his mouth quickly enough. He is described as a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’. He talks about social and political issues and analyses current affairs and events. He is an independent thinker and converses with a variety of interesting intellectually gifted and well researched commentators.

Alex Jones has developed a large audience base. People who watch his shows choose to, they are not compelled to. Alex Jones is particularly popular for his attention to the institutionalised dishonesty in the established media outlets, what the President of the USA has labelled ‘FakeNews’ and has described as ‘the enemy of the people’. The evidence demonstrating inaccuracy, distortion, dishonesty, hypocrisy, discrimination and bias in the media is so vast, it is inconsumable to any one researcher, but Alex Jones has highlighted a good share. Early this week many internet platforms including Google, Apple, YouTube and Facebook deleted Alex Jones’ channel ‘InfoWars’ from their networks.

Whatever you think of Alex Jones, that many media organisations are conspiring to protect their market share and power, there is no doubt. Technology giants have conspired to put a barrier between Alex Jones and his potential audience, and to put hurdles between him and his current viewers. The plethora of technology companies who deleted Infowars from their services on the same day for various reasons defies chance. As does the coordinated reporting of ‘Q’ by broadcast media last week. What is Q? Who is Q? What is Qanon?  According to publications who are seeing their audiences decrease such as: Vox, GQ, Elle, The Independent, Esquire, The Sun, Time magazine, CNN, MSNBC, NBC,  the BBC, the Guardian and many others, Q is a conspiracy theory relating to internal US politics with sordid sub-theories of ‘Deep State’ institutional treason, paedophilia and criminality. The introduction of Qanon or Q into the public consciousness through popular (or formerly popular) media outlets in a coordinated manner will no doubt play up to our new normal expectations of FakeNews. So why are these media companies making headlines out of irrelevant conspiracy theories without merit? Why not ignore it, why is it newsworthy?

Dilbert creator Scott Adams is a most interesting man who has delved into the realms of analysing politics from his own trademark perspective. For those unfamiliar with Scott Adams, he is a cartoonist famous for his Dilbert cartoon strip. He is an observer of human behaviour and a persuasion analyst. He is an educator, a realist, somewhat ‘of the left’, but honest to himself. He has been analysing Donald Trump for some time, has become a bit of a fan, but would possibly deny it, and he had the honour of meeting with the President in the Oval office in early August.  Scott Adams has stated categorically that Q is 100% not real. His videos describing how impressed he was with Donald Trump and that Q is 100% not true are given in the references below [2],[3]. If you don’t know what Q is or what information it has unearthed, Adams says, don’t bother trying to understand – it’s a waste of time and a distraction. That is possibly why there is a concerted effort amongst the media, the BBC, the Guardian and the usual Fakenews suspects, to push this FakeNews narrative to distract the public from the real issues that are the concerns of the British people, and indeed concerned citizens throughout the western world.

Scott Adams is however only one voice. And he does like to play with minds and words – he’s a persuader. Q or QAnon is a real phenomenon. Thousands of voluntary researchers have accepted an invitation from Q to undertake research. Over many months, based on the direction of this online anonymous entity called ‘Q’, researchers have been researching into all kinds of different things relating to corruption and criminality in government. Whether Q is real and who or what his (or her or their) identity is, becomes a moot point – the results of Q are real, 100% real – hundreds of thousands of man hours of research have been undertaken and accumulated. There are many commentators and researchers who have studied the phenomenon of Q and theorised as to its identity and purpose. For those of a curious mind I would recommend reviewing the videos of one excellent researcher called Praying Medic [3]. Another recommendation for Qanon related summaries would be Serial Brain 2 [4]. In the fullness of time, when the unredacted FISA documents relating to the Russia Trump probe are released, the truth of what criminal actions have been uncovered by the Meuller investigation and the information surrounding it, will come into the public view.

James Dalton, Going Postal

So what is happening? And why should we be concerned?

In a free and fair society, in which we are all treated equally under the law, we should all have equal opportunity. What we are witnessing in the actions surrounding InfoWars being removed from internet platforms, is the culmination of power that has been concentrated in the hands of those who wish to control human thought in the present. The removal of a man who has generated a huge online audience demonstrates that “we all have equal opportunity, but some people can be deleted and there are those who have more equal opportunity than others”, as George Orwell might have said. As always, follow the money to the Bilderbergers and the Davos Group and you can find who controls the media, our news, our politicians, the news-cycle and our thoughts.

George Orwell did write the following in his novel 1984: “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

There’s a war on for your mind. So think for yourself! Be wary of what issues and events the mainstream media are succeeding in steering the public into engaging with. One day it’s Q, the next it’s the rise of the far right, the next it’s Climate Change Armageddon, the next it’s Burka wearing, the next it’s the future of sandwiches after Brexit. Fakenews, Project Fear, angry Media commentators, aggressive BBC ‘journalists’ and an inexplicable prominence in the media of Islam, Muslims and Islamophobia – whatever the subject of the day, the whole media circus has become distrusted and lost. They are no longer in the business of reporting truth and events, they are in the business of setting mood and normalising predetermined opinion. In other words, they are blatant overt propagandists and brainwashers. The Emperor has no clothes.

Turn on, tune in, drop out! was the cry of those who engaged in the social revolution of the 1960’s. They railed against the establishment, protested for free speech, against government and for their perception of freedom, peace and love. It is that generation who have shaped the mainstream media and many technological companies in California which produce much of the creative media output consumed throughout the Western world. Today’s street activist revolutionaries promote division, hatred and animosity, rally against free speech and call for violence against those they disagree with. They want more government and a disarmed populous. They want to destroy freedom for others, to assert ‘their freedoms’ for themselves. What went wrong? How were selfishness, egotism, rudeness and indecency normalised?

We continue to witness the breakdown of the social contract in the United Kingdom through the inability of the UK Government to represent the UK people and implement the Referendum result. We witness it through the imprudence in public spending, through the scandal of our banking structure, through the generational destruction of the people’s wealth and security through ever increasing personal taxation. The social contract has been chipped away at steadily. As taxes continue to rise the public services on which taxes should have been used are failing. Taxpayers’ money has been wasted, redirected and absorbed for decades by the corrupted, failing system of Representative Democracy which serves a gluttonous bureaucracy and globalist corporate interests. As the press, the politicians, the pen pushers, the professors and the pundits deny the Ponzi scheme of our public finances and defy an essential part of the social contract – the meaning and relevance of our vote – the wedge between the people and the political establishment is driven further in.

James Dalton, Going Postal

Turn on to the reality that the press are shaping your thoughts, persuading you what to think, not how to think. Admit to yourself – you’ve been thinking and talking about burqas this week, but question yourself – did you choose to do that, or was the choice really that of others (politicians and the mainstream media)? Tune in to the reality of whether those who have broken the law in the USA may well find themselves in a USA court of law in the next few months, irrespective of what or who Q may or may not be. But please do not drop out. The problems that we in the UK face with our governance and our failing institutions of state will not go away. Being aware of the problems is not enough. The legacy LibLabCon parties need to be rejected at the ballot box and to achieve that change people need to come together, coalesce and engage in the electoral ‘ground game’.  Join[5] the Democrats & Veterans Party in this task, to bring a return of the rights of the individual and Common Law to the UK people through Direct Democracy and an ethos of service. Turn on, Tune in, Act now!

© James Dalton, Democrats & Veterans Party, for Direct Democracy.

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