Soros Wars: The Deep State Strikes Back

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs, Going Postal

Cameron: “This UKIP Farage thing is haemorrhaging our voter base, as well as the Labour party, Lord Soros is not pleased with our progress, let’s deal with it, let’s fix a Referendum vote to Remain and be done with UKIP forever, like the other EU countries have done, even if it means voting again and again to get the right result.  With the help of the MSM, it will be a cinch”.

Farage stands for MP in Thanet, ballot boxes go missing for hours, new ones suddenly appear at the eleventh hour, and with prior announcement of the electees saying, “It’s a done deal”, Farage unsurprisingly doesn’t win with a full spectrum of politicos and activists from all parties bussed into Thanet fighting “fascism”, apparently.  Still an ongoing legal case, ad infinitum.

Conservatives announce an EU Referendum on staying, or not staying, within the EU, its Customs Union, its uncontrolled borders, its adherence to the European Court of Justice.  Very clearly marked out by Tory spokesmen in media broadcasts.

Cameron goes on TV and says, “Whatever the public decide in this referendum, we will honour and deliver” (Snigger! And hoping to destroy Farage forever!)

Cameron then uses £9,000,000 of our money to convince us to vote for Remaining in the EU as part of the plan.  People like Geeks sent the letter back with:


to the Tory turncoats, and then voted LEAVE.

17.4 million of the public puts a cross on the Leave box.  To Leave the EU, not Europe.  We all knew what we were voting for. Even if it was to give a finger to the Government.  Dimbers goes into mental meltdown, live on BBC on the 24th June 2016 in the early morning, a sight I will never forget while I was on the GP website with my fellow Puffins – the joy of not paying the telly tax and yet using their software to view live broadcasting without any concern, BBC apparatchiks gasping for the vapours and safe spaces, 17.4 million UK citizens united, and uproar in joy and give their finger to the BBC and the Deep State.  And to be repeated with the Trump election soon after!  Oh happy days.

[ring ring] Cameron picks up phone, “Hello?”

Lord Soros, “Lord Soros here”

Cameron, “Oh, hello Lord Soros, ah yah, we’ve had a bit of a problem last night with the referendum…”

Lord Soros, “David, you’re dead to me…” [click]

Cameron resigns.

Lord Soros instructs the Tory party to elect the most useless, malleable person in the Tory party who is a Remainer to become a paper tiger for the Brexit decision making process.  Theresa “bangly-legs, can’t even process sugar” May is chosen, as the new Tory Thatcher, the image of which was destroyed in the first second of PMQT live, despite the “strong and stable” mantra written for her by her beloved wormtongued civil serpents.

[ring ring] Theresa May picks up phone, “Hello?”

Lord Soros, “Lord Soros here”

May, “What is thy bidding, my master?”

Lord Soros, “You must delay Article 50 for two years, so we can use that time effectively to dilute the Brexit decision”

May, “Of course, my master”

Lord Soros, “Also, call an early unnecessary election, reduce your majority by targeting your core voters, especially the elderly, and that should weaken your position nicely, and show you the true nature of The EU Force”

May, “Of course, my master”

Lord Soros, “I hope so for your sake, May. The EU is not as forgiving as I am”

[ring ring] Gina Miller picks up phone, “Hello?”

Lord Soros, “Lord Soros here”

Gina Miller, “What is thy bidding, my master?”

Lord Soros, “Put in a legal challenge for Brexit.  I have deposited a vast sum of money into your personal offshore account.”

Gina Miller, “Of course, my master”

The legal challenge fails, Parliament votes for Brexit.

[ring ring] Gina Miller picks up phone, “Hello?”

Lord Soros, “You have failed me for the last time, Miller” [click]

[ring ring] Theresa May picks up phone, weakly “Hello?”

Lord Soros, “I want you to pretend that the Brexit team are working on a Leave policy, but secretly I want you to speak to Oliver Robbins and create a document for Merkel to authorise.”

May, “You never said that in the beginning?”

Lord Soros, “I am altering the deal, pray I do not alter it any further”

[ring ring] Theresa May picks up phone, “Hello?”

Lord Soros, “Have you shown Merkel the document that she wrote for you?”

May, “Yes, my master”

Lord Soros, “Have you now shown it to your cabinet?”

May, “I’ve just come back from Germany, and have just shown it to them just now in Chequers.  I have confiscated their phones and iPads on your request, so they don’t leak our plan”

Lord Soros, “Good, good, let the hate flow in your cabinet.  I felt a disturbance in The EU Force, as though 17.4 million voices cried out in horror but were suddenly silenced by the MSM as to the true contents of our policy”

May, “Yes, I too felt the disturbance in my lack of conscience.  It may have been Philip though, pushing my buttons as though he was Arthur Askey, gazooks!  Anyway, Boris left, but Gove and Andrea Leadsom are still with us on the Dark Side.  With Emperor Juncker, we can create an Empire that will truly destroy the Brexit Alliance if we have enough booze.  And it would take a Death Star amount of booze”

Lord Soros, “But what of this Jedi Trump?  He is impressive.  Most impressive. The USA Force is strong with this one.  When I left you, he was the but the learner, now he is the master.”

May, “Only a master of evil, Lord Soros.  He is attacking our policies in public and demeaning our control over the people!  He could win.  I’m afraid!”

Lord Soros, “I find your lack of faith disturbing, May.  We will overrule the public and get this EU Remain policy though without the public realising.  As Lord Mandelson stated, “we’re in a post democratic era”.  There’s nothing they can do, apart from civil disruption, but they wouldn’t do that, would they?  They’ve got careers and family to think of.”

May, “But Jacob Rees-Mogg is fighting our policy, saying we would be in a vassal state”

Lord Soros, “If he could be turned, he would be a powerful ally.  Threaten his company’s stocks.  His technological company is nothing compared to the power of the EU Force.  Perhaps I could find new ways to motivate the MPs?”

May, “I will do what you order”

Lord Soros, “I hope so for your sake, May.  As I said, the EU is not as forgiving as me.”

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