Some Thoughts on Tax

Anne Marie Waters, leader For Britain

Anne Marie Waters, Going Postal
Pieter Brueghel the Younger, The tax collector’s office, 1640

My role as leader of Britain’s newest political party takes me all over the country, usually the pace is too frenetic for me to take much of an interest in the logistical dynamics, but recently some of the tax implications were pushed right under my nose.
This experience happened to affect me but it could easily be middle England citizen.
I spent three days in an English market town, at a family run hotel, very charming and in the mid price range. Unusually the bill itemised the tax take in a slightly different way. Nothing startling but shown separately in a different column. It therefore focused my attention.

I delved deeper in fascinated curiosity. Three nights, bed breakfast & evening meal. Nothing extravagant, good pub grub & a few drinks. The sort of three days any visiting businessman or married couple might enjoy. The VAT & duty over the three days came to £130. The town is one petrol tank away, so the duty/tax take on the fuel ran out at another another £100.
So my little expedition netted the government £230. Add if you will the PAYE tax on the staff, national insurance, employers national insurance & hotel business rates & you are left to wonder at the enormity of this theft of citizen’s earnings.

Of course the government claims they do much public good for the outrageous tax take.
Health, education, roads, defence, social welfare etc. Most ordinary folk are relaxed about paying some tax for services they value. Pro bono publico, fair play.

But it’s not that simple is it? I would argue it is out of control. There seems to be no fiscal restraint.
Our money doesn’t reach the services it is supposed to. It is largely squandered.
Just a few examples, High Speed Rail (crazy?) £70 billion & growing, overseas aid (largely un audited) £12 billion pa, EU payments £12 billion pa (£50 billion proposed) quango costs estimated at £120 billion pa (Daily Telegraph). Incidentally there are over one thousand quangos, google them up, astonishing waste of money!

There is no space here to detail extraordinary procurement waste in the MoD & NHS, but the Institute of Economic Affairs will bring you up to speed if you love detail.

We must elect a government which puts the British taxpayer first. Every penny taken from the wealth creating sector stifles economic growth. As Churchill warned us, no nation can tax itself into prosperity.
We must slash tax, regulation & the State’s remit if we, as a nation are to compete with the rest of the world, particularly the new Shanghai Co operation zone to which the next fifty years belong as the anachronistic EU fades into the same oblivion that overtook the Ottoman Empire & for the same reasons.


© Anne Marie Waters 2018

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