Moral Panic? Don’t Panic Pike!

James Dalton, Going Postal

Hold fast to what is good and right! There is somewhat of a moral panic. I suggest that we all just treat our neighbours well and be kind if you feel obliged to share a few ‘home truths’ with them.

The basics of what is right and what is wrong have been blurred it seems to me. Political winds have changed, and intolerance is all around, everywhere. We’re soaked in intolerance, drowning in whining and accusations of mal-intent.

We live in a democracy. Of sorts. Democracy is what it’s called and the basic principle that we all feel to be right and fair, is that when you have a vote on a binary decision, the side with the most votes wins. In 2016 Vote Leave won and Trump won.

“…I will forgive no one who does not accept the sovereign voice of the British people, whether it’s by 1% or by 20%… …it is our duty, those of us who serve the public… …to make sure that the country does the best it can with the decision the people have given us…” That statement*[1] was made on the 24th June 2016 as counting was progressing for the Referendum vote.

It is wrong that we remain in the EU more than two years after the decision was made to leave. The incumbent corrupt political elites have failed in their duty.

It is wrong that our Government continues to siphon off billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money into foreign bureaucracies while our pensioners struggle to make ends meet and our veterans are deserted in their time of need, 13,000 currently homeless.

It is wrong that the Government proposes to gift £39B of taxpayer money to the EU coffers. For nothing in return.

Our politicians wear a gargantuan Foreign Aid budget as a badge of honour, signalling their virtue while the continuing failure of government and bureaucratic involvement in our NHS results in failing services for our elderly and vulnerable.

It is wrong that generations who have paid into the system for their whole lives are now finding that good services at their time of need are not easily found. Many NHS trusts are handicapped by Labour and Tory PFI millstones as corporate entities profit from historic governmental negligence, profiteering from the taxpayer. The non-medical staff outnumber the medical staff and ‘Diversity and Equality’ managers are sought on large salaries. Ridding the NHS of all ‘Diversity and Equality; managers is an obvious target for a resource diversion if ever I saw one. One action would allow millions to be diverted to services that help people requiring medical assistance.

We must hold fast to our principles, of fairness, of caring for the vulnerable. That is right.  The full exit from the EU is being deliberately delayed by a corrupt class of uncaring politicians, pundits, professors, publishers and press all of whom profit greatly from their cut of the taxpayers wallet contents.

Never in the histories of the USA and the United Kingdom has an atmosphere been developed and encouraged by the voices that dominate the news cycle which has questioned the legitimacy of the results of our democratic processes as we have seen since 2016. And news media has so much more reach than in any point in history, normalising the invalidity of our vote.

It is wrong that a class of elitists, residual ‘Remainers’, undermine the foundations of our society by reinforcing the notion that vote results don’t count and that they know better. Should they be forgiven for not accepting “the sovereign voice of the British people”*? It is wrong that these ‘unforgiveable’ voices are dominant it a taxpayer funded BBC? I say it is wrong and the sooner the BBC Licence Fee is withdrawn, the better.

There is a moral panic. The chasm between the governed and the governors is vast. The rot in Westminster and Whitehall exists in our councils, our Police, our schools and NHS. Hold fast to what is good, for it is leadership that is required, patriotic leadership. The rot must be removed and precious institutions strengthened, refocused, revitalised and empowered to do what is right.

The people of the USA are lucky. They chose wisely in 2016. Given the choice, I’m so glad they did and I’d wager that history will prove me right, if measured on a utilitarian[2] scale. I’ve written previously about the all-out media war on the character of Donald Trump. As President Trump, he has demonstrated the patriotic leadership so desperately needed in the UK. The people voted and the USA, a Constitutional Republic, elected Donald J Trump with a bigly majority of 304 to 227 EC votes[3]. Two years in and his list of achievements is adding up. Tax cuts, job increases, unemployment record lows for blacks, Hispanics and women, stabilisation of relations on the Korean peninsula, ISIS defeated, wall construction commenced and immigration control tightened. The economic indicators are encouraging (considering the structural realities of the Banking system) and beyond those predicted by both his detractors, and by the few who display a more even handed analysis of US politics. The Constitution he swore to preserve defend and protect is strengthened by his choices for Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the US, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

The UK is rudderless. The useless Theresa May charting a course for the once Conservative Party to political oblivion. The Labour Party, once representing the working classes of Great Britain (generally ignoring our brothers and sisters in Northern Ireland) is now factions of Marxists, Socialists, globalists, Fabians, Blairites and Euro-federalists fighting over the most powerful brand in the country. Both parties are oblivious to the needs and desires of the British voters who still to this day cast their vote for the Labour Party or the Conservative Party despite the decades of the betrayal most foul. The House of Lords, stuffed with political failures and Common Purpose placemen/women have deserted their duty too and reduced a pillar of our Constitution to a crumbling column of sand. Boris is on manoeuvres, again, seeing a possibility, a political opening. Never forget, whatever appears on the bumbling surface, it’s all about Boris. He has an eye, charisma and a feel for political winds. There is a void, yes, but with the loveable rogue Boris, there’s no depth. Has Boris been primed? Theresa May may have more troubles to muddle through. In the USA, the unredacted FISA warrants may come into public view soon. What price this makes more than uncomfortable reading for the actions of the UK government in the surveillance of US citizens?  All this international shenanigans will mask the absence of discussions on the problems we face and the basic solutions available? The MPs are resting and are away for their summer holidays. If only there was the political will…

  • Leave the EU
  • Introduce strict border controls
  • Limit Immigration
  • Enforce the Law and deport illegal immigrants
  • Stabilise our society by stabilising its population and take stock…
  • Cleanse our Law of that which has been introduced by foreign influence through our entanglement with the EU
  • Revitalise the economy, the education system and industry
  • Address the housing shortage and homelessness scandal and hold true to the Military Covenant
  • Streamline NHS and Social Services. Rationalise bureaucracy and take on Big Pharma
  • Free teachers from political control, protect children from inappropriate, confusing and sexualised concepts being delivered in schools
  • Refocus Police to fight real crime, serve the people and act impartially in accordance with the Law
  • Streamline our Local Authorities to refocus solely on the provision of the statutory duties for which they are responsible
  • Dismantle the QUANGOs and NGOs
  • Reform of the Banking system
  • Commence a long term strategy for energy self sufficiency
  • And that’s just for starters

Hold fast. Do what is right. For those of us in the Democrats & Veterans, we will continue to build an effective force to compete with the LibLabCon at the ballot box and bring common sense and accountability back to politics and bring politics back to the people. That force means boot leather and time at elections. It means good people, and an army of willing patriots, standing up and putting themselves forward for election.

Keep calm and join us, be part of that force – to bring service back to governance and to bring power back to the people, Direct Democracy underpinned by the Constitution of our United Kingdom and the protections afforded to each of us by it, for a fully independent, strong, free, fair and prosperous United Kingdom.

© James Dalton 2018, Democrats & Veterans Party, for Direct Democracy.

James Dalton, Going Postal

*The words of Paddy Ashdown display how far the Liberal Democrats have drifted from their principles of democracy, localism and liberalism. The Liberal Democrats have brazenly, shamelessly acted so as to engender the unforgiveable reaction scripted in Lord Ashdown’s hollow acting, his faux patriotism.  “I will forgive no one”, indeed.


[1] Paddy Ashdown on the BBC, Referendum night 24th June 2016.

[2] Utilitarian principles were defined by John Stuart Mill, Jeremy Bentham and others in Great Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries.

[3] Electoral College system to determine the President elect of the USA.,_2016

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