Clinton Crimes – The Silence is Deafening. Part Five

The Awakening Continues…

James Dalton, Going Postal

Coming soon: #Spygate and Revelations…

Immediately before redirecting my energies to voluntary work with the Democrats & Veterans Party at the end of 2017, I had written about the unnerving revelations from the USA and the bowels of their Federal Government concerning the criminality of Hillary Clinton (Clinton Crimes Parts 1 to 4,[1,2,3,4]). The conspiracy between operatives in the FBI, the DoJ, the Obama Administration, The Democratic National Committee, The Clinton Foundation, The UK government and the Clinton Presidential campaign to shield Hillary Clinton from facing accountability for her crimes and to undermine the Republican nominee Donald J Trump was being exposed. The conspiracy of broadcast media, government and court actors to undermine the presidential candidate, the President Elect and now President of the USA, Donald J Trump through a continuum of lies, obfuscation and deceit. Through producing documents and fabricating evidential grounds, through use of FISA [5] and attaining approval from FISC[5] for targeted surveillance, forces were at work, forces partisan to one candidate, Clinton, and forces acting concurrently, coincidentally and constantly to smear, denigrate, insult and destabilise the President of the USA in the eyes of the viewing public.

Trump’s campaign had been spied upon by the FBI who obtained surveillance approval for one subject – Carter Page, an employee of the Trump campaign team. By extension from the court approval, the FBI had given themselves the court sanction to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign in 2016. Despite the period of time during the election campaign where Donald Trump’s plans and strategies were being monitored by their opposition, to this day the Mueller investigation set up to determine whether Russia had colluded with Trump to ‘fix’ the Presidential election has presented not one iota of evidence to support such a notion. The Presidential election was rigged, for Clinton. It was a stitch up, the fix was in, but Trump still won.

The conspiracy to undermine the Trump administration has continued since his inauguration. What is unnerving most, in a truly Orwellian sense, is the wilful blindness of reporters. What has happened at the heart of the American Government is Watergate on steroids and from the modern intrepid media class… …nothing. The inactions of the mainstream media and fleeting mentions of John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Christopher Steele, Bruce and Nelly Ohr, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and a host of other ‘public servants’ conspiring to determine the outcome of the citizens’ vote, have been notable by their infrequency, the journalistic disinterest dishonourable and a betrayal of truth and justice.

Disinterest again has greeted the news of the sacking of Peter Strzok from the FBI after his previous demotion. At least on this occasion there is a BBC report, hidden away on the ‘World/US & Canada’ sub-branch of their website, some half truths revealed, revealing perhaps that Trump is winning? The list of high ranking FBI employees involved with the contrived Mueller investigation who have become former employees of the FBI gets ever longer, as does the evidence of evasion, deceit and contempt as these so called ‘public servants’ answer questions put to them by elected Representatives such as Trey Gowdy[6,7,8], Jim Jordan[9] or Devan Nunes[10]. Disinterest from the media – again the silence is deafening.

From a UK perspective, the attempt to subvert, to ‘rig’, to ‘fix’ a Presidential election through actions of state secret service ‘assets’ and court servants cannot be ignored. As the processes unfold in the USA, despite the silence of our media, a strengthening Trump administration will be considering the evident actions of the UK government and/or its operatives with respect to their involvement in the ‘Dodgy Russian Dossier’ – the documentation used to support a FISA application. The resulting granting of authority to undertake surveillance on Trump has unveiled partisan actors in the FBI, DNC and DoJ. Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, the list goes on. The UK link is Christopher Steele employed to produce ‘a dossier’, a man with an interesting history, ties and acquaintances [11].

James Dalton, Going Postal

In a hashtag world we may soon have #Spygate, though it’s unlikely to be trending with the ongoing social media purge [12]. We’ve had Watergate, Plebgate, Kneegate so perhaps #Spygate might suit the coming Trump/May controversy? Theresa May and her government will have awkward questions to answer when Trump has time in his schedule to focus on the matter. Interfering in a manner designed to sway the outcome of elections in the USA is not what the UK taxpayer pays its taxes to the UK Government for. It is the most insidious and disrespectful action, more heinous as it acts to drive a political wedge between peoples – those of the UK and those of the USA – who share so much history, so many common values and traditions of upholding our rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Will we hear from our government about their involvement in active support for the globalist Clinton supporting cult, a cult which is being shown to have conspired to break the law and undermine a sitting President? To those Americans who hear, it should be known, the actions are not those of we the people of the United Kingdom, but those of our Government which is trapped in the hands of a corrupted political elite and their failing vessels of corruption: The Labour, Conservative and LibDem Parties.

No longer hidden is the globalist effort through our news broadcast media and incumbent bought and paid for politicians, pundits and professors sowing social discord through identity politics. They don’t believe the people should have their sovereignty. They don’t believe the people should determine the futures of their own countries and communities.

We the people should have this control. To take back that control it must be wrestled from the grip of those who will not let it go easily. Liberty must be fought for. Join us as we strive to embrace the will of the people through Direct Democracy underpinned by the Constitution of our United Kingdom and the protections afforded to each of us by it, for a fully independent, strong, free, fair and prosperous United Kingdom!

© James Dalton, Democrats & Veterans Party, for Direct Democracy.

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