Brewery Bash 2018 – Post Mortem

Bigger, better, longer and this time with added debauchery. My eyes!

Brewery Bash 2018, Going Postal
No 10 Hook Norton St, residence of Gordon Brown Prime Minister

This year we started at the Gate Hangs High on the Thursday before the brewery dinner with Mr & Mrs RP arriving first at the camp site in their mobile home (and catering service). Mrs RP kept us fed for the next four days, each morning and whenever anyone was in need of sustenance. A special thanks to Mrs RP for that and Mr RP for the tent erection, also for the bed Thursday night though I departed for home at 2.30 am Friday due to Mr RP’s fog horn snoring.

Friday people turned up in dribs and drabs and by the evening we’d become a dozen or so and passed the evening, at this point things started become a little hazy, possibly in the pub but mostly at ’10 Hook Norton St’ (on the camp site) gathered around the mobile home. Some drinking was done, words were said, amongst them (Credit BA again) “Who’s the wanker with the flags” – We all knew BA, which explained the embarrassed silence that followed. . . I had planned to stay the night in one of the tents but a combination of an overnight low of 7C and the general ‘boisterousness’ of RP, BA and Lord Mandelslime led me to getting up at 2.00 am. I will never erase that scene from my eyes, just think Deliverance. Saturday morning I departed at 2.00 am convinced I’d return to find Chipping Norton CSI on the job. Fortunately after several visits to hospital I believe Mr Burntout Aussie is fully recovered, which is more than you can say for me.

By Saturday we were becoming quite a crowd and now, mostly due to sleep deprivation events are even more hazy, I do remember a run to the Co op for a trolley full of booze in the morning which amazingly seems to have lasted the whole weekend and has left me supplied with more cans of Fosters and Stella than you can shake a stick at, then onto Saturday evening for the Brewery dinner. Thanks to 1642again for organising that, I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed the food and ‘free’ bar. Thanks to Gilgamesh and 1642again for their float contributions.

Those who returned to the campsite afterwards carried on well into the night and I finally stayed a full night on the camp site in my luxury bed, but still didn’t get much sleep due to a combination of late night partying one side and Hogz, who would probably beat RP for volume, snoring his head off just a couple of feet from me. An honourable mention for Gordon Brown Prime Minister who contributed to the medley from several yards away. Next time I will reserve a location at least a hundred yards away from everyone else and surround it with razor wire.

My bed. Next year I’m bringing the double

Sunday twenty two of us made it for lunch at the Gate Hangs High, I cannot recommend this pub enough for their food and hospitality, Sunday lunch for £12, VAT included, I can’t imagine many places can beat that. Fine food and service and they really enjoyed having us, I think from their comments they did quite well out of us Postaliers and appreciated it. I shouldn’t have started on the brandy. Sunday evening we made our way to the Pear Tree for the pub quiz, I think we’ll just brush over that performance except to say “throws crisps”.

Monday I haven’t a clue. I’ll let other Postaliers fill in the gaps here.

Next Year

Will be slightly different as I can’t be certain where I’ll be living but I would like to hold the event at the GHH or similar with an optional dinner for those that would like it. I would organise a large tent/marquee ‘glamping style’ with ‘rooms’ for those that can’t find a hotel or want to pay for several nights in a hotel, it also obviates the need for taxis home and you can stagger back to your beds of an evening. We would also organise some catering (In addition to Mrs RP’s wonderful efforts as we can’t have her slaving all weekend for us) so meal costs would be minimal.
I’ll add next year’s event to the forum soon, plus a Teddington dinner, a dinner in the North and one in the SW not far from Bournemouth, possibly one near Worcester.

Until next year.

Swiss Bob