A Commonwealth Party

Arthur, Going Postal

The Realm is in a torrid state. Decades of surrender have left us in the position as the world’s whore, being screwed by foreign nations and peoples in return for promises of gold, which somehow results in us being more indebted than ever before. Independence offers us the chance to change this, yet the levers of power still remain in the hands of those that oppose it. A popular uprising against the establishment is needed, with clear vision of what we want our country to look like, but to know where we are headed we must look back to where we have come from.

My vision of the country is based on the evolution of society from individuals to groups, to villages and towns, to countries and unions. A country where a man is not divisible from his land nor the land of his fathers. My country is the British Isles, my people the British. We are the people who have lived here for thousands of years, and although our elites have been deposed time and again by invaders, they themselves were deposed likewise. Like our own Empire, perhaps only 10% of the population were foreign Celts, Vikings, Jutes, Saxons, Romans or Normans, and these were either killed, left or married into our bloodline. And since 1066 the so-called home nations have interbred, which is why we refer to our country as a mongrel nation, and also why we don’t celebrate tokenistic rubbish like independence or foundation day. We may well have different cultures, traditions, languages and customs in the home nations, but we are only one race of people. This is the fundamental difference between ourselves and the misbegotten son of England, the USA. Their country is a colonial empire in denial, a collection of runaways pretending to be something that they are not, hiding their continued crimes against the natives through duplicitous acts like the civil rights movement. And this is the root of all our own and european countries’ problems, the attempt to bastardise us and subsume us into the USA empire. Note how often foreigners like David Lammy first claim to be British before turning round and saying “you Brits have to do such and such because Washington DC says so”. Yet also recall how these same foreigners spent the last hundred years declaring independence from our country, strange that they think nothing of Ghandi telling Brits born in India to “quit India” but think it makes us Nazis to tell them to quit the UK.

I mention these examples as a means to establishing the maxims of my argument. While I don’t want my country to fall back into an inbred, mono-racial dump, like Hitler’s Germany, Gandhi’s India, Gurion’s Israel or Mandela’s South Africa, I also do not want to live in a multicultural/racial, dump like Washington’s USA, Pedro’s Brazil, or increasingly Merkel’s Germany. Taking this into account I have set out below my manifesto for a vision of the country. It is vague in places, and may well be wrong in others, but I think it serves as a starting block to build on.


– Impose Race laws. Only British and Commonwealth Realm subjects to be entitled to a British passport, i.e. Eng/Welsh/Scot/Ire/Maori/Aboriginal/First Nation.
-All other races of people to be banned from voting, claiming benefits, serving in the public sector in positions of management and above. These people then to be placed onto their ‘home’ passports and given work visas to enable them to work in the private sector. Those people classed as homeless to be placed onto asylum visas. Those who have lawfully married into our families to be given dual nationality.
-Foreign criminals to be deported.
-Change voting criteria from one of age into one of responsibility. I.e. 16 year olds in full time work can vote, 21 year old students cannot.
-Resumption of free movement of Commonwealth subjects.
-Re-instate Crown in Parliament so that it returns to being the highest court in the land.
-Kick out and bar MP’s from the HoL’s and give the sole right to appoint Lords to the Sovereign, this is based on the principle that parliament is where we the people go to see our leader the Queen, so we choose our representatives and she, hers.
-Build a new English Assembly away from London, then abolish elections to the devolved assemblies. The devolved powers to be given to the counties in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the buildings to be used by the said counties to come together and coordinate devolved policy.
-Abolish City Mayors which perpetuate a bias that allows cities to think they are ‘propping the country up with ‘their’ taxes, while the countryside has no powers over the roads, railways, power stations etc that are propping up the cities.
-Abolish elected Police commissioners to make the police once more apolitical and answerable only to the Sovereign

Culture and Education

-Impose a free British Press, compulsory purchase orders on Sky, Times, Sun, Economist. Expulsion foreign media,i.e. Huffington Post, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Twitter, Facebook. Quotas on foreign cinema, tv, radio, i.e. no more than 49% foreign films. Foreign tv producers forced to sell their programmes to ITV, BBC etc.
-Scrap multiple exam boards, 1 board for 1 course.
-Abolish school and university league tables.
-British history and culture mandatory in schools
-Abolish tax on public schools, and give tax breaks and charitable status to encourage more students into them, state schools should be for those who cannot afford to pay for their own schooling, not for the middle/upper classes to scrounge off so they can then take that money and spend it on luxuries. This would also decrease class sizes and increase funding on a per student basis in the state sector, helping teachers and pupils.
-Quotas in universities for British students, i.e. only allow 10% foreign students.
-Abolish various 3rd rate universities and non-courses in Humanities etc.
-Expand apprenticeships, make large companies take mandatory number.


-Scrap HS2 and improve existing rail network.
-Memorandum on airport expansion in SE.
-Increase renewable energy where possible but scrap subsidies and apply market forces, as these are supposed to be an answer to subsidised power like nuclear.
-Knock down tower blocks over 5 storeys and ban the building of new ones.
-Impose minimum dimensions including door and ceiling height on new builds to stop these box houses being built.
-Increase buses in the regions and internal flights with tax exemptions to lower car usage and therefore congestion and pollution.
-Abolish inheritance tax upto £1 million or main home.


-Decrease population to 40 million by banning immigration, if 4.5 million are coming to the UK every year, and 4 million are leaving, then banning immigration for 5 years would decrease the population by something close to 20 million.
-Enforce the abortion laws- 99% of abortions are not because the mother or child are in danger but are lifestyle choices and therefore constitute murder under the law. Those that don’t want their children to be forced to go through with the pregnancy and then put them up for adoption.
-Move towards means testing in the NHS. Free for all at the point of entry, but those who can afford it, to pay full or part of the cost when they leave hospital.
-End health tourism
-Ban on vanity surgery
-Ban on drugs being prescribed for mental health problems especially where children are concerned, except for extreme cases like psychosis.
-Cull on non-medical staff in NHS

Defence and Foreign Affairs

-Pool resources amongst Commonwealth Realm members
-Increase Navy and Airforce capability and troop numbers in the Army
-Devise nuclear deterrent independent of the USA
-Defend Commonwealth Nations’ liberty, borders and trade. The UK would only involve itself abroad if foreign powers invade other countries, but would not involve itself in regime change, people must free themselves from the tyranny of their own leaders.
-Withdraw from the UN
-Servicemen to be given a free house after 10 yrs service or after being injured on active duty.
-Overturn USA Nuremburg judgement, thereby making serviceman immune from prosecution in civil courts, on the principle that they are following the orders of their superiors and politicians, and also on the concept that the law ends where war begins.

General Policies

-Re-establish a clear divide between the public and private sector.
-Ban ex-politicians from company boards after leaving office
-Abolish all PFI agreements
-Abolish smoking ban in private establishments
-Ban wi-fi in public building and on public services
-National Water and Electricity
-Nationalise Royal Mail and the Post Office, the state monopoly then safeguarding the universal delivery service and the postal network. Plus impose a ban on foreign email and messaging services on national security grounds, with the Post Office then issuing everyone with an email.
-Abolish hate laws, while enforcing existing Breach of the peace/Harassment/Assault laws.
-Slash tax on alcohol and tobacco to VAT levels.
-Abolish 24hr licencing.
-Abolish overseas aid budget but maintain disaster funds.
-Ban advertising in public, i.e on motorway signs, and outlaw historic buildings being renamed after sponsors (KIA Oval etc)
-Mandatory shut down on bank holidays and extra holidays to be introduced on Christmas eve and new years day.
-Equalise pay in the public sector, for instance, entry level pay £25k, middle level £40k, top level £100k, and apply to the Emergency Services, NHS, Schools, Civil Service, Judiciary, Armed Forces, Local and Central Government, MPs, National Broadcasters.
-Tax Breaks for married couples with children.
-Abolish parole, good prisoners serve their sentence, bad one have more time added.
-Take back territorial waters.
-Force charities to spend 90% of monies donated to them every year.
-Split up big businesses like Tesco to increase competition and jobs. Alcohol only sold in off-licences, bread in bakeries, white goods in electrical stores, clothes in clothes shops etc. And the same to apply online with companies like Amazon.
-Abolish diversity quotas and gender pay reporting as these are illegal, because they define people by their race, colour, gender etc and are therefore discriminatory and in breach of the employment act.

I could probably go on for a few pages more, but I realise this has already become quite a list. As I stated in the beginning, these are my own views, I am only a forklift driver, with no experience of public office, nor do I have any private expertise in the fields that write about. I know some may disagree with them and in relation to the race laws proposed, vehemently so, but in that particular case I think most of our problems derive from the multicultural policies imposed on the country, whether it be the housing shortage, overcrowding in schools, the NHS and prisons, terrorism, or vote rigging at elections, to name but a few. Please feel free to add or correct anything you like. Only through trial and error can truth prevail.
So to end on a more poetic note, I say this; the waves of tyranny that seek to wash over the globe, will be dashed on the rock of hope that is our islands Kingdom. God save the Queen, and God save us all.

© Arthur 2018

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